FLOS Releases Bellhop in New Colors

FLOS Releases Bellhop in New Colors

FLOS has added two new bright finish options for Bellhop - the portable table lamp from Barber & Osgerby. Beginning this month, Bellhop will be offered in yellow and grey-blue, in addition to its other color options.

Bellhop, measuring 8.2" tall, is equally playful and practical. It offers a comfortable, anti-glare glow for up to 24 hours between charging. The designers chose to utilize edge-lighting technology, the innovative method of lighting a flat disc with a ring of LEDs around its edges, to ensure an evenly lit surface.

The portable lamp pays homage to the hatted hotel porter, from which it gets its name, with its reminiscent, bell-like shape. The table lamp re-charges via USB-C, charging in 3 hours and has a carefully hidden status indicator under the base. At the push of a button, the user has four different dimming options between 10%-100%.

Photos: Courtesy of FLOS