Flos Launches Portable 'Last Order' Lamp

Flos Launches Portable 'Last Order' Lamp

Flos has launched Last Order, a wireless, rechargeable lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades. Last Order was named for that 'one last drink' moment, originally dreamt up as a bespoke design for the tables at NYC's Four Seasons Restaurant renovation.

The wireless table lamp is available in a fluted base for a timeless feel or a clear base for a more minimalist effect. The caps, from which the warm LED glow emanates, are available in brass, satin copper (indoor version), stainless steel, and matte green (outdoor version).

Last Order is the evolution of the table lamp, beautiful and elegant while also rechargeable and portable with an optical touch sensor, three levels of dimming and up to 24 hours of charge.

Photography: Phil Cohen