modern8 Delivers Vibrant Designs for Wave Coffee

modern8 Delivers Vibrant Designs for Wave Coffee

modern8 has designed the brand identity for Direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription coffee brand, 'Wave Coffee.' Named by modern8, Wave takes its name from the phrase 'third wave coffee,' a coffee movement defined by a return to artisanship, aesthetics, and traceability as a rejection of most commercialized coffee brands.

"With Wave we saw an opportunity to be a part of a brand that provides ease of use, promotes shared experiences during times of uncertainty, and is at a price point that is justifiable," commented modern8 CEO Alysha Smith.

When it came to designs, modern8 had two things in mind; simplicity and sophistication. Inspired by the flavor of the roast within each bag, the primary colors of the packaging utilize vibrant reds for their Sweet Daze Fruit Blend and cool greens for their Smooth Talk Chocolate Blend. The abstracted logo purposefully evokes a visual of rolling waves, embodied within the 'W' emblem, and gives the overall branding a modern but slightly vintage look.


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