Calico Wallpaper Partners with Lindsey Adelman to Launch Eden

Calico Wallpaper Partners with Lindsey Adelman to Launch Eden

Calico Wallpaper has debuted 'Eden,' a new wallpaper collection designed by Lindsey Adelman. The collection draws inspiration from watercolors that Lindsey created during a self-imposed artist residency on Belle-Île, an island off the coast of Brittany, France.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Adelman was inspired by the island's natural beauty and her daily foraging walks to create something new, outside of her normal practices and without the confines of a schedule. The result was a series of small watercolor paintings, based on collections of plants, flowers, and seeds, which were translated into this new wallpaper collection.

In collaboration with Adelman, the Calico Wallpaper team spent weeks collaging the paintings into a composition of nearly 100 plant portraits before digitally printing the images. The printing process incorporated the use of hand-applied metal leaf, creating a unique ground of natural pressed metals that gives an organic variation to the mural-style wallpaper.

"I couldn't be more thrilled to be collaborating with Calico Wallpaper to transform these designs into wallpaper," Adelman commented. "It has been a labor of love. I'm especially pleased with the addition of metal leaf, which elevates everything. I hope a bit of the feeling I had making it comes through when people see it."

The collection is available in seven colorways, including gold, silver, and a reprise of Lindsey's original watercolor palette.

Photography: Matthew Johnson

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