Landscape Designs Brand Identity for Vicarious

Landscape Designs Brand Identity for Vicarious

Landscape has designed a new brand identity and site for Vicarious, an intelligent robotics start-up backed by $150m in funding from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Samsung and ABB.

After 10 years of advanced AI research, Vicarious is commercializing its offering as the world's first provider of Robots-as-a-Service. Thanks to AI and machine learning, robots are becoming more versatile and affordable than ever.

Landscape worked with Vicarious to overhaul its brand strategy as it evolved from research leader to automation expert. Because automation is not the same for small businesses as it is for large enterprises, Vicarious needed an evolved brand that could signal different benefits to different audiences. To articulate this effectively, Landscape updated the positioning and messaging sitewide, in tandem with a new design direction, and new site architecture.

Landscape produced a full content library of visual assets, including animations to showcase the AI-powered robotics in a variety of applications from picking and palletizing, to sorting and packaging. Still photography and video capture the advanced robotic applications in action.

"Vicarious' unique business model allows access to AI-powered robotics for immediate use, with end-to-end support, at no upfront investment," commented Adam Weiss, founder of Landscape. "Seemingly a pragmatic offering, but a change that will manifest as a very meaningful shift in our ability to realize a future that's been gestured at for years. Our brand strategy repositioned Vicarious accordingly - greater versatility and reliability paired with a patient, but forward-leaning aesthetic. The competitors often appear either ill-considered, dated, and thereby less credible; or so otherworldly that they are unable to signal real-world performance.

"We were able to take the stories of Vicarious' decade of scientific research, along with its visionary roadmap, wide network of partners and its exceptionally talented team, to position Vicarious as an innovative leader to join or partner with on their path to bring intelligent automation to businesses everywhere."