RIBA Launches 'Re-Imagining Railway Stations' Design Competition

RIBA Launches 'Re-Imagining Railway Stations' Design Competition

The Royal Institute of British Architects and Network Rail have launched 'Re-Imagining Railway Stations,' an international competition to shape the future of Britain's railway stations. The contest asks entrants to rethink the future of small to medium-size stations across the Network Rail Estate - which make up 80% of all those on Britain's railway - so they can better serve the needs of both passengers and their local communities.

The competition will provide architects, engineers and designers the chance to improve the travel experience for the millions of passengers who use Britain's railway, and leave a lasting legacy on station design. The competition encourages entries that stimulate creativity and address the changing character of our society.

In developing proposals, entrants are encouraged to consider how future stations can be sustainable and deliver outstanding value, whilst considering the impact on the environment to achieve net-zero emissions to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

The competition is open internationally to individuals and teams from both small and large organizations from the design, built environment and manufacturing industries.

The deadline for registrations is September 15, 2020.

Photo: Luke O'Donovan, Courtesy of RIBA

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