Lodes Debuts Jefferson Suspension Lamp in US

Lodes Debuts Jefferson Suspension Lamp in US

Lodes has introduced the Jefferson Suspension Lamp stateside in celebration of its 70th anniversary. Designed by Luca Nichetto, Jefferson's alluring crystal form evokes the prismatic visuals of the late 60s counterculture along with its lyrical and artistic nature.

Jefferson, distributed exclusively through JB Lighting Collection in the US, exhibits a gorgeous reinterpretation of the vortex pattern typical of Bohemian crystal. Created through a special pressing technique that imprints meticulous details on the crystal surface, the fixture is suspended from a thin yet incredibly strong Kevlar-reinforced cable that allows for the diffusion of a warm and elegant illumination that extends 360 degrees. "As the Design Curator, evolving the creative process of Lodes through product innovation has been one of my main aspirations," Nichetto commented. "Today's design requires a seamless integration of interaction and technological performance to create pieces that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a function and create a connection."

Jefferson is available in various sizes and compositions to suit any space, including seductive cluster configurations that multiply the kaleidoscopic effect of the light. Standard sizes include the Jefferson mini, which consists of two elliptical crystal diffusers joined together on the black chrome frame. When lit, the undulating pattern on the crystal bodies appear to spin, creating a captivating play of light. Similarly, the small and medium variations are created through the addition of cylindrical modules made possible by intelligently designed extension joints that cater to all scales and ranges of spaces.

Photos: Courtesy of Lodes


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