Tangerine Unveils 'Metamorphosis' Design Concept for Metro Travel Post Covid

Tangerine Unveils 'Metamorphosis' Design Concept for Metro Travel Post Covid

Tangerine has unveiled 'Metamorphosis,' a metro concept designed to help operators better plan for future pandemics by enabling them to readily adapt the train interior to minimize the risk of germ transmission during periods of local disruption created by novel viruses.

"'Metamorphosis' is an inspiring and achievable vision of a new type of adaptable metro train that suits a wider range of user, operational, and service requirements for times of high and low demand on passenger rail services," commented Martin Darbyshire, founder and CEO of tangerine. "This design goes beyond quick fixes in response to Covid-19 that would be unsuitable once the risk of the virus subsides, to instead use the opportunity to propose a better metro train that can increase capacity as well as minimise the future risk of disruption due to new novel viruses."

'Metamorphosis' has an adaptable carriage interior with slidable screens that can be deployed during pandemics to divide the space into smaller zones or 'travel bubbles.' Flexible seating angles bodies away from one another to increase privacy and minimize the potential for cross-contamination, as passengers choose to either perch or stand. A HEPA filtered localized air filtration system provides a constant change of air, a touchless hand sanitation point in the vestibule aids cleanliness, while a QR code placed at strategic points in the carriage enables an effective 'Carriage Track and Trace' system. A traffic light style illumination around the doors, supported by passenger information on screens and projected onto the platform, aid a safe, distanced boarding and alighting of the train.

The concept balances customer safety and user experience with the commercial imperatives to limit disruption and keep rail services running during pandemics. This ensures that operators remain profitable during times of both high and low demand on the rail network, helping to mitigate the need for fare rises, bailouts, and Government subsidies.

Images: Courtesy of tangerine