Adobe Releases State of Creativity Research Findings

Adobe Releases State of Creativity Research Findings

Adobe has released research findings on the State of Creativity, illustrating the significant impact of the global pandemic and social unrest on the creative industry.

2020 has pushed the boundaries of inspiration for creators more than ever before and generated a lasting impact on how society creates moving forward. 87% of creatives agree 2020 will have lasting impacts on their creative businesses with remote work and finances, with 82% agreeing that it has forever changed how we create. 91% of creatives admit that COVID-19 and nationwide protests have inspired them to incorporate real-world issues into their creative work, with 49% developing campaigns with positive societal impacts.

Creators face a growing struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving trends. 76% admit that it is harder to navigate rapidly evolving trends in visual culture and topics today than it was 6 months ago since trends are evolving faster today than ever before. In the last 6 months, 54% of creators have seen an increase in desire for content that is more culturally relevant, and 84% experienced an increase in customer expectations for truthful and transparent branding (up +10 points over 2019).  

The impact of COVID-19 has been extensive and disrupted creative industries. 79% of creators agree 2020 has disrupted creative industries as we knew them, and the following industries have been the most impacted: performing arts, film, fashion, photography, visual arts, and design.

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