Gretel Designs Visual Identity for MoMA's Seasonal Reveal Campaign

Gretel Designs Visual Identity for MoMA's Seasonal Reveal Campaign

MoMA opened an expanded and reimagined Museum in October of 2019, with a commitment to a rotating collection presentation, with more works on view that have rarely or never been shown. To highlight this new vision, MoMA collaborated with Gretel to develop a promotional campaign for its seasonal reveal that would generate excitement and visitation to the Museum.

With each 'Reveal,' in which a third of the Museum's' collection rotates, audiences will enjoy fresh perspectives and opportunities to see more of the wide-ranging collection. The campaign by Gretel builds on MoMA's existing core design system and reflects the physical experience viewers will have in the refreshed galleries. By leading with the familiar and departing to the unexpected, the design brings up something new at every turn, capturing the spirit of the 'reveal' itself.

"The goal was to reflect the behavior of the institution," commented Ryan Moore, Executive Creative Director, Gretel. "The new curation strategy is rooted in opening up the collection, so we built a campaign framework that draws attention to these seasonal moments of change."

"Bringing new voices, ideas, and perspectives to the galleries provides an important opportunity for us to connect with audiences in an approachable way and to remain relevant in a world in which artists often confront and respond to important issues," added Rob Baker, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy, MoMA. "We aim to treat our collection rotations like temporary exhibitions-as a major moment for our audiences to plan a visit to see something new."

Gretel infused a singular recognizable, ownable element to the campaign design: rotating blocks that set the campaign apart and highlight MoMA's extraordinary collection. "Every block rotation reveals a new artwork to discover," explained Simon Chong, Creative Director, Gretel. "The result is constantly surprising. Through this one behavior, we can produce varied, unexpected yet completely cohesive executions. No matter what's on view at the Museum, the framework is built to adapt in an intuitive, dynamic way."

Photos: Courtesy of Gretel


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