Packadore Collective Unveils 'Take Back' Packaging Concept

Packadore Collective Unveils 'Take Back' Packaging Concept

Packadore Collective has unveiled 'Take Back,' an innovative returnable and reusable takeaway packaging solution. The conceptual packaging design offers a simple and smart solution, one that not only reduces the eco-footprint through use and reuse, but also one that positively enhances the consumer experience.

The majority of takeaway meals are packed, transported, and served in single-use plastic containers, most of which are then either burnt or dumped in our oceans. On top of this, take away packaging is ghastly - it's cheap, flimsy and however appealing the meal inside, the packaging completely detracts from the consumer experience.

Take Back is designed to be easy to clean for reusability and stackable for ease of storage. The double-walled construction helps ensure the temperature of the meals is maintained through delivery. The structural design of this particular example is reminiscent of a pagoda for specific use by Asian cuisine proprietors and purposely unbranded for flexibility of use by different restaurants. The design also serves as a desirable container beautiful enough to be proudly placed on the dinner table.

The concept envisages a returnable system whereby the container provider hosts a platform for use by members - namely, local restaurants and cafes. Members deliver meals in 'Take Back' containers, consumers then keep hold of them and return them during their next delivery. The infrastructure for tracking the location of the containers for retrieval is already in place via platforms such as Deliveroo and Just Eat and one can easily imagine a small deposit system paid for by consumers to help validate the investment in the reusable packaging.

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