Conran Design Group Launches Branding for Viatris

Conran Design Group Launches Branding for Viatris

Mylan and Pfizer's Upjohn recently merged into a new kind of healthcare company, marking one of the biggest pharmaceutical mergers in recent times. Searching for a name and brand expression that honored their outstanding legacies while evolving with new needs and expectations, the companies turned to Conran Design Group to help launch Viatris, a company looking to set the highest standards for access, leadership, and partnership.

Working with the brands' teams and alongside Havas Life Metro, Conran consulted on the brand strategy and logo development as well as spearheaded key creative elements such as the color palettes, typeface, iconography, photography, graphic design and more. The visual identity for Viatris is grounded in warm, shifting gradients of purple -- a color that marries the energy of red and stability of blue to bring wisdom, health, and harmony. This thematic approach also drove the photographic compositions which feature groups of people to signal comfort and support. The logo, a globe accompanied by three differentially-colored swirls, evokes the global reach and brand's three core tenets: access, leadership, and partnership. Even the name itself, Viatris, derives from Latin, "Via" meaning path/way and "tris", again symbolizing the three tenets.

"Establishing a brand that has to be accepted and celebrated by a merged leadership team, tens of thousands of employees, and the healthcare community on a global scale isn't a simple task, but it's a great ask," commented Conran Design Group Creative Director Ben Solomon. "We were most excited by the opportunity to apply our expertise beyond brand design and consult on activities like roll-out touchpoints and campaigns. To be able to help shape an identity that resonates with partners and customers as well as acts as a focal point and rally cry for employees is an artistically fulfilling experience."

Images: Courtesy of Conran Design Group

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