The Package Design Book 6

The Package Design Book 6

Pentawards has unveiled the sixth edition of its biannual book, showcasing the best packaging projects from its 2019 and 2020 awards. Published by TASCHEN, The Package Design Book 6 features over 500 winning works - including designs from agencies, students, freelancers, and brands from more than 45 countries.

The biannual's 500+ pages present winning packaging designs from a range of sectors, including beauty, beverage, household goods, food, and luxury items, that have been released to market around the world. It also features conceptual pieces created by students and professionals, which push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in packaging design.

Also highlighted in the book are the Diamond Best of Show winners from the last two years: the inclusive Xbox Adaptive Controller from Microsoft, and the sustainable Air vodka from Air Company, which showcase the best of the best in packaging design from the last two years.

"Recognising and appreciating truly breath-taking designs from across the packaging industry is what makes the Pentawards tick," commented Adam Ryan, Head of Pentawards. "We feel the book sets a global benchmark for what quality packaging design looks like, and how we can recognise impactful pieces from across the globe. That is why we are incredibly proud to be able to celebrate some of the best work from our past awards through such an elegant book, and to do so in partnership with the amazing team at TASCHEN."

The Pentawards competition is open for entries, and this year's winners will feature in the next edition of the book.

Photo: Courtesy of Pentawards


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