Haptic Architects Designs New Showroom for Vivense London

Haptic Architects Designs New Showroom for Vivense London

Vivense London recently opened its flagship store in Borough High Street, designed by Haptic Architects. Combining graphic design and architecture, Vivense and Haptic collaborated with the London-based studio BOB Design to conceive the branding and reflect the brand's history, space layout and customer stories.

The 1615 square feet space is wrapped in vertical timber slats which give warmth and subtle depth to the walls and bring the exposed ceiling down to a more intimate datum. The slats curve down to frame the store window, reflecting the fluid lines of the visual identity conceived for the store and the brand.

The Vivense London product collection is displayed free from the slatted walls so that customers can better imagine them in their own homes. To structure the space further, Haptic devised three monolithic black stands with a sawtooth footprint that act as focal points for discussion or exchange.

The design studio also considered how objects would be presented and lit inside the space on bright days. The swooping curve of the timber slats at the window lets in plenty of natural light and the practice also collaborated with lighting specialists Atrium to install a large, circular ceiling light. Made from LED fittings set in a minimalist aluminum channel, the strong geometric shape once again ties into Vivense's brand identity, but also catches the eye of those passing by.

"The Vivense London store typifies Haptic's approach to the making of highly crafted interior spaces, and its interest in collaboration - not just with the client, craftspeople and specialist suppliers, but here also with BOB Design, who have created Vivense's visual identity," commented Timo Haedrich, co-founder of Haptic Architects. "It also represents a practice DNA that is ingrained with the Scandinavian approach to design, favouring a simple palette, beautifully executed."

The walls of the store are lined in beech, which was chosen for the curvy slatted envelope because of its sustainable qualities but also its neutral character. The wood is light in color yet warm in feel and has few knots, which would add unwelcome visual noise. Working with talented craftsmen to fit the joinery, the slats are installed so that no fixings are visible, giving a deceptively simple finish. The curved areas segment the retail space into a series of flexible room sets in which to showcase a changeable collection of furniture and accessories. The store's timber and black monolithic elements are set off by terrazzo flooring, creating the impression of a richly aggregated texture.

Photography: Simon Kennedy, Courtesy of Haptic Architects

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