Process - How to Create Community Buildings with Impact

Process: How to Create Community Buildings with Impact

HCMA has published a new book and online course to guide people through the process of creating socially and environmentally-focused public buildings. Process: How to Create Community Buildings with Impact breaks the stereotype of jargon-filled, complex guides.

The book takes a fresh approach to helping civic leaders understand the decisions they need to make, and the tripping hazards to avoid, in order to deliver successful projects for their community. Designed to be as accessible and engaging as the buildings it will help create, Process offers advice on every stage of a project, from budgets and site planning to community engagement, the climate crisis, and inclusive design.

While created with elected officials, civic leaders, and local government staff in mind, the book and its insights are equally useful for the next generation of architects, or 'anybody who wants to help create a built environment that's kinder to people, and kinder to the planet.'

"Having helped local governments across Canada deliver public buildings for over four decades now, we know how overwhelming the process can seem," commented Darryl Condon, Managing Partner at hcma "We're sharing insights we've learned in the hope it helps others maximize their project's impact, while avoiding some of the lessons we've learned along the way."

Photos: Courtesy of HCMA


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