Nu Skin Singapore Experience Center by Conexus Studio

Nu Skin Singapore Experience Center by Conexus Studio

Conexus Studio recently completed Nu Skin's Singapore Experience Center. The center is designed to be an experiential space that empowers the Nu Skin community.

The space goes beyond a product gallery and service center, to convey Nu Skin's scientific innovation and bring the brand to life with high-tech and interactive elements that provide an engaging experience. The layout is strategically planned to actively support its users - a network of distributors and consumers - with conducive areas to facilitate meetings, work, or training and events, fulfilling the brand's tagline of 'Discover the best you.'

Inspired by nature and designed to provide an uplifting and invigorating experience, the space takes the shape of an organically circulating space with carefully-positioned seating and displays. Numerous product showcases scattered throughout the Experience Center create a natural journey that draws the visitor into the Nu Skin world, complemented by a variety of functional seating nooks that maximize the use of the space.

Visitors familiar with Nu Skin will recognize the nuanced details: radiant surfaces and beautiful textures inspired by nature form a setting that feels uplifting, further strengthening the brand connection. Woven together with interactive digital displays, it forms a design narrative that reflects and heightens Nu Skin's brand and history as well as inspires visitors, amplifying their shopping experience.

The space plan can be configured differently to comfortably suit different traffic levels for different events, from end-users and those attending training classes, delivery personnel and staff, enhancing satisfaction and security.

Photography: Kelvin Cuff, Courtesy of Conexus Studio

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