HUSH Designs Interactive Digital Experience for HBO Max Orbit Debut at SXSW

HUSH Designs Interactive Digital Experience for HBO Max Orbit Debut at SXSW

HUSH has partnered with HBO Max to launch HBO Max Orbit, an interactive digital experience designed to introduce audiences to the streamer's vast universe of content using cutting-edge emerging technology, at SXSW Online this year.

The experience uses facial tracking and voice recognition technology designed by HUSH to allow audiences to explore and interact with thousands of iconic moments, characters and stories from the HBO catalog in a personalized, intuitive way. Using Machine Learning, the experience tracks how a user is moving their face and surfaces clips of HBO Max characters matching their movements in real time.

"This was an incredible creative and technical opportunity for our firm and one that was supported with energy and enthusiasm by the HBO Max team," commented David Schwarz, HUSH Partner. "Strategically, we were able to lean into the fact that HBO Max's library is unparalleled in quality and scale. We latched onto an intriguing but simple question: how can we leverage design and creative technology to give audiences a magical experience of navigating the seemingly infinite world of HBO Max? It needed to be functionally intuitive and fast, but also dreamlike, extemporaneous and unexpected. The best explorers in history didn't change their world, they just found beautiful ways through it."

The experience will premiere at SXSW Online for one day only on March 19, 2021. Following its online debut, a robust in-person experience of HBO Max Orbit will open in select AT&T flagship stores starting in April, for which HUSH also designed the digital and physical elements.