James De Wulf Debuts EXO Series

James De Wulf Debuts EXO Series

Created by James De Wulf, the EXO collection features concrete tables bolstered externally with non-corrosive metals. The table's organic forms mimic the exoskeletons of microscopic organisms found on the ocean floor.

"Bronze is ductile and resistant to corrosion, concrete is brittle and strong. Together they become one and benefit from each other's properties," Wulf explains. His skillful approach allows the surface of EXO to be a mere 3/4inces thick, creating pieces with vibrant and approachable qualities. Like an exoskeleton is one piece, there are no seams in the metal.

"The outer edge of the table meanders in an organic way rather than staying in a rigid circle," Wulf adds. "The leg does as well. In this way, we keep the piece human, approachable and fun, rather than adhering to the rigidity of a circle."

Photos: Courtesy of James De Wulf

James De Wulf

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