Umeå Institute of Design Digital Graduate Exhibition 2021

Umeå Institute of Design Digital Graduate Exhibition 2021

On June 1st, Umeå Institute of Design's graduating students will present their degree projects - ranging from autonomous taxi boats in the year 2086, to a crisis device for producing your own electricity, to a culinary tasting box with edible insects. The grad projects can be explored in the virtual 'UID21 | Project Gallery,' presenting a 360-degree view of all works, including; concept videos, images, interactive 3D models and prototypes.

During an unprecedented academic year at UID, students have been made to redefine the role of the designer, as the boundaries between the physical and the digital dissolved. More time and effort have gone into developing holistic experiences that include services and digital solutions. Many projects have also displayed a stronger engagement in regards to sustainability and environmental impact.

"Covid has largely forced students to stay away from our design studios and workshops, as many are now spread out across the world," commented Demian Horst, Associate Professor and incoming Head of Department at Umeå Institute of Design. "However, they have demonstrated exceptional ingenuity in reinventing the design process in multiple digital ways."

Photo: Lars Welten, Courtesy of UID

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