3form Elements Debuts New Hush Clad Acoustic Panels

3form Elements Debuts New Hush Clad Acoustic Panels

3form Elements has debuted new designs for Hush Clad, a line of acoustic panels that accommodates in-person and virtual collaboration. Offering noise reduction during online meetings and sound absorption for heads-down work, Hush Clad optimizes communication and focus in shared spaces.

Combining 3form's acoustic expertise, thoughtful geometric patterns, and sustainable materials, these new offerings of textured sound-absorbing panels are easy to specify and install. Hush Clad aims to improve noise concerns in corporate conference rooms, university study areas.

Hush Clad comes in 14 Sola Felt colors, ranging from vibrant jewel tones to soft naturals. The panels also complement the energy of any existing interior with 15 new and refreshed pattern options: Margin, three playful, linear variations that bring visual intrigue to any workspace; Vim, four minimalist designs that optically expand or elongate any space with horizontal or vertical lines; Net, a series of gridded patterns that give the illusion of added height or depth; Accordion, a pattern with three variations of lined gradients; Quint, a whimsical diamond-shaped motif that provides texture without overwhelming a space; and Plane, Hush Clad's simplest panel with no added pattern.

Photos: Courtesy of 3form Elements


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