3form Debuts Horizon Collection

3form Debuts Horizon Collection

3form has debuted Horizon collection, featuring expertly engineered gradient textiles embedded in the company's translucent resin, Varia, and colored glass panels designed with an etched pattern inspired by the textiles' gradient motif. The collection artfully balances privacy and togetherness with vertical surfaces that diffuse natural light and bring unexpected warmth and texture to communal spaces.

Composed of concentrated, saturated yarn at the bottom of each panel, the Horizon textiles become more delicate and interspersed as they ascend, permitting natural light and visual connectivity while standing and discretion while seated. Taking design cues from dawn and dusk, the collection washes textiles in rich transitional shades of blue, gray, and orange, which become gradually softer and more translucent as the panel ascends. Designed by 3form's Vice President of Design, Christian Darby, Horizon harnesses his expansive expertise in textile development.

"I've spent my career in textiles, so I was excited to apply my background to the Horizon Collection," said Darby, who worked in apparel design at Nike before joining 3form in 2017. "When we leverage the beauty and the nuance of textile, we can achieve a look and feel that digital technology can't replicate. From panel to panel, each one is unique."

The collection seamlessly achieves intimacy and privacy through intentionally interspersed irregular threads, expertly weaved to create a beautiful and timeless gradient. Each Horizon Collection textile slightly varies from panel to panel, making each specification one-of-a-kind. As more shared spaces adopt natural materials and cozy atmospheres, the Horizon Collection contributes depth, warmth, and variety to the sleek surfaces popular from 3form.

To complement the three textiles, 3form introduced a new colored glass etch product inspired by the textiles' gradient motif and slubbed yarns. Horizon Etch features a horizontal linear pattern of pleasantly imperfect lines that are concentrated toward the bottom of the glass panel and gradually disperse toward the top. Horizon Etch is available in Orbit (dusty blue), Steep (neutral taupe), and Meteorite (dark grey), which enhance the etched pattern and instantly add depth and intrigue to the laminated glass panels.

Photos: Courtesy of 3form