3form Unveils Textiles Collection

3form Unveils Textiles Collection

3form has unveiled its brand new Textiles Collection, a series of exquisite interlayers that blurs the line between art, design and fashion. Featuring deconstructed fabrics that have been lightly torn and stretched to reveal natural fibers and rich textures, the delicate appeal of each Textiles interlayer is safely preserved in Varia or Glass.


The process for making Snag is unique and bold. Torn biomorphic shapes reach for the edges of this large-scale design, forming branch-like verticals in a classically woven textile. With prominent patterns and a distressed texture, Snag makes a one-of-a-kind single or multi-panel statement that is ideal for open spaces.

Migration: A Full Circle Design

Fabric is pulled and stretched in different directions, forming a textured screen of wavy threads and uneven openings. The undulating lines of this hand woven Full Circle design from Swaziland lets light pour through, creating unusual visual intrigue to separate a space.


Inspired by colorful Expressionist art, Cleo features layered textiles that form patterns with sharp, intersecting geometric edges. The layering technique creates complex color tones and a textural moiré for visual intrigue.


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