OPUS Debuts SoundBed, Designed by Yves Béhar

OPUS Debuts SoundBed, Designed by Yves Béhar

Yves Béhar recently designed SoundBed for OPUS, an emotional fitness platform that combines proven self-care practices with modern technology to empower users to feel better on purpose. SoundBed's design blends targeted and full-body vibration with spatial sound to create a personalized, immersive SoundHealing experience. The sleek, modular device converts into a compact, hexagonal form that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

"The SoundBed is a healing product and platform that my team and I designed with OPUS to empower users to take control of their emotional health and alleviate physical tension through immersive SoundHealing," commented Behar. "It delivers a wellness-centered experience for healing and mindfulness, and by combining OPUS' technology with an elevated form factor that is accessible for daily use, we are increasing the ease with which anyone can tap into holistic wellness and healing at home.

"When in use, the firm and supportive bed sits atop a base of repeating triangles. Hiding its technology and accessories inside its prismatic legs, the segmented geometry rolls into a compact hexagonal form that can be easily transported or stored away. We designed the Soundbed to be a beautiful usable furniture piece in any environment. It can be left opened and used as a seat or daybed, or smartly rolled for easy transport or storage.

"Engineered to envelop the body like a cocoon, the vibration modules embedded into the triangles have the power to ease the user towards a desired emotional state. The SoundBed can be programmed to produce immersive, vibrating sensations that address the entire body from head to toe or be set to target specific areas."

The connected device is paired with an interactive app where users can load multiple profiles and adapt the experience with the SoundBed to suit their unique purpose, healing needs, and preferences. The diverse catalog of content experiences, called 'Journeys,' are curated for each user based on individual goals and preferences. OPUS Journeys are crafted by a community of leading experts in meditation, peak performance, breathwork, relationships, emotional intelligence, and more. The exclusive content ranges from 7-60 minute sessions, with shorter experiences designed for daily relaxation or mood enhancement and longer Journeys intended for deeper exploration and personal growth.

Images: Courtesy of fuseproject


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