Yves Béhar Designs 'Model Eleven' Smart Electric Scooter for Unagi

Yves Béhar Designs 'Model Eleven' Smart Electric Scooter for Unagi

Yves Béhar has designed a 'smart' electric scooter for Unagi, a company redefining urban, local travel with its best-of-breed portable electric scooters. Setting a new bar for portability, power, and comfort, the design truly pushes the boundaries of the scooter typology and boasts advances in material science, mechanical engineering, and technology.

Free from any visible screws, exposed cables or bolted-on components, the scooter delivers both a seamless ride and form factor. Every inch was designed with the rider in mind, from balance to thumb controls to perfect carry-ability.

The innovative use of long carbon fiber allows for malleable shaping and super strength while keeping the weight low. Typically used in aerospace applications, the material makes possible complex geometries and transitions that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to achieve. This breakthrough in material science results in the lightest full-suspension scooter on the market.

The scooter's smart features include Google's turn-by-turn directions from the integrated audio system, Integrated 'Collision Protect A.I.,' Integrated Motion Sensor with Alarm, and GPS tracking with Remote Kill Capability. The Model Eleven knows the difference between a stoplight, stop sign, person, car or inanimate object, and provides both audible warnings with its integrated audio system, as well as visual warnings on the display.

"Public transportation in the urban landscape is being transformed. As designers, we have an opportunity to create a solution that is specifically designed for a city landscape," said Yves Béhar. "We designed the Unagi scooter to be high-performance and safe, durable and beautiful, and lightweight and ergonomic. Ultimately we want this electric scooter to be our go-to for urban mobility."