Longchamp Partners with Fred and Farid to Launch 'It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage' Campaign

Longchamp Partners with Fred & Farid to Launch 'It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage' Campaign

Longchamp recently partnered with Fred & Farid to launch the first ad campaign for its most iconic line, Le Pliage. 'It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage' encompasses nine brand films, and a series of print ads, directed and shot by internationally-awarded director, photographer, visual artist and designer Sander Plug.

Crafted with leather handles, a signature flap, colorful nylon - and now recycled fabric, within a new Pliage Green more durable collection - Le Pliage is named after the French verb 'to fold,' because it can be folded up and stowed away. Inspired by origami, and a trip that Longchamp's founder's son Philippe Cassegrain took to Japan in the 90s, Le Pliage was initially released in 1993 and instantly skyrocketed to fame.

The new campaign was created under the tagline: 'It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage,' which was inspired by an insightful observation from Longchamp's CEO Jean Cassegrain and Artistic Director Sophie Delefontaine. The tagline implies that it is a lifestyle - of adventure, movement and energy, that still remains elegant. Le Pliage is representative of the desire to go places - to get things done - while simultaneously looking amazing. It is the perfect fusion of fashion and function. But there is no way that it is just a bag.

Alongside the film campaign, Sander Plug and the team at Fred & Farid, developed a print campaign around the most iconic Le Pliage characteristic - its ability to fold. With the line photographed and printed on pieces of paper, folded precisely where a Le Pliage can be folded in real life, the print campaign is a paper demonstration / 'how to' for folding Le Pliage.

Photos: Courtesy of Fred & Farid

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