De Vorm Introduces Hale Lounge Chair

De Vorm Introduces Hale Lounge Chair

De Vorm has debuted a lounge version of its award-winning Hale Chair. Hale Lounge Chair offers a new take on the classic design, redefining archetypical seating through smart processes and innovative materials.

Following the best traditions of lounge seating design, the chair grants extensive comfort without compromising its elegant appearance. Slender yet durable, Hale Lounge Chair will take little space to create an inviting setting for rest or leisure.

The seat and backrest of the Hale Lounge Chair are made from PET Felt, recycled plastic bottles. With its soft texture, PET Felt grants the chair its pleasant tactility and cozy appearance.

"The extensive flexibility of this material allowed us to experiment with the curves in order to find an optimal ergonomic spine, essential for lounge chairs," the design team commented. "As a result, Hale is fitted to embrace the users granting them long-lasting seating comfort."

The use of PET Felt on the seat and backrest allowed bringing many traditional manufacturing steps down to a single 3D molding action. In combination with a stackable steel frame, these few components result in a product, that's beautiful in its simplicity. The chair is considerably more efficient in production and, consequently, very affordable. It can also be easily disassembled and recycled after a long lifespan.

The lounge chair inherited the ultimate customizability of the Hale series, allowing to tailor it to the needs of any interior. It comes in 11 PET Felt blends with any custom RAL color on the frame and a vast selection of fabrics for an upholstered seat.

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