Fable&Co. Designs Brand Identity for Medow

Fable&Co. Designs Brand Identity for Medow

Fable&Co. has designed the brand identity for Medow's new learning & development platform for ever-learning & overworked healthcare professionals.

For healthcare professionals, the journey of self-development is never complete. It is an industry that is ever-evolving, with new technologies, new methods, new treatments emerging on a daily basis. It's therefore essential that they are armed with the latest information & practices to carry out their jobs as effectively as possible.

Enter Medow - a founding team who passionately believes that a career in healthcare, whilst demanding, should be rewarding & fulfilling. That's why Medow made it their mission to inspire & nurture a positive change throughout the industry & beyond - providing healthcare professionals with all the support & resources they need to flourish in their career & in turn, provide world-class patient care.

Complementing the charm & relevance of the name 'Medow' was a beautiful tagline, 'Flourish in your field.' This perfectly captured the essence of their purpose & set strong foundations for the narrative used throughout the identity. The designers took this tone of voice, furthering its presence of nature & creating a sense of the ever-changing, ever-growing environment that healthcare professionals work within.

Fable&Co. created a perfectly balanced & harmonious logo wordmark constructed from elementary geometric shapes. The circular forms represent unity & perfection whilst the accompanying brand icon further communicates the concept of growth. The team crafted a simplistic logo icon that holds symbolic representations, such as an abstract tulip - representing spiritual insight, wisdom & love, along with the incomplete circle; demonstrating the audience's need for continued development, education & knowledge.

The color palette was inspired by nature, utilizing fresh, dewy greens that represent growth, health & abundance. Calming blue hues communicate responsibility, trust & professionalism, & warming pink tones that convey compassion, empathy & nurturing.


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