Seymourpowell Brings Burger Kings Flame Grill Experience to Home

Seymourpowell Brings Burger Kings Flame Grill Experience to Home

Burger King and Seymourpowell recently worked together to bring the flame grill to the center of the dining experience for their customers. Unique to the Burger King brand, not all customers are aware that the burgers are actually flame-grilled.

Posed with this challenge Seymourpowell have created a theatrical piece of equipment, the latest flame grill, a slick piece of design to sit proudly at the front of each Burger King restaurant raising awareness of this unique cooking technique; increasing the accuracy and quality of the cooking whilst reducing the overall grill time - producing a better burger.

Striking the balance between functionality and design was a significant objective. From a technical perspective, the aim was to ensure that the proficiency of the broiler was not compromised. Years of developments meant that the existing broiler was at maximum efficiency, creating the perfect broiling environment with the necessary pace to flame-grill the patties to perfection.

The breakthrough came in the form of a dual-layered window, combining glass with an offset second layer of perforated steel, allowing the broiler to maintain its functionality, whilst crucially showcasing the flames themselves through the fine punctures in the metal. This solution created a barrier to simultaneously maintain heat and catch any residue, keeping the glass clear.

The newly re-designed piece of equipment enables customers to witness the flame-grilling first-hand. The design of the window means it doesn't steam up or get greasy; providing a clear view into this classic American barbeque style cooking.

Now center stage, the broiler needed to aesthetically deliver. The team implemented carefully considered visual semantics and cues from home BBQing: resulting in a seamless marriage between the professionalism of a commercial kitchen and the domesticity of home BBQing.

"This was an exciting project for the team, as we were not only able to collaborate with a coveted food and beverage industry name, but we had the opportunity to re-invent the customer experience," commented Jenny Butler, Senior Client Director at Seymourpowell. "Seymourpowell always strives to create innovation through design, and we feel this project personifies this message perfectly. Working with the Burger King team, we were able to produce an awesome piece of high-functioning industrial design, that brings to life the fact that the burgers really are flame-grilled."

Photos: Courtesy of Seymourpowell


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