Seymourpowell Completes Extensive Brand and Packaging Renovation for Ribena

Seymourpowell Completes Extensive Brand & Packaging Renovation for Ribena

Seymourpowell has designed new branding and packaging for renowned British drinks brand Ribena. A collaboration that has been in operation for the past two years, Seymourpowell and Ribena have worked closely to establish how the brand could cement its future position within a competitive drinks market.

To inform the direction of travel, Seymourpowell's in-house foresight team of design strategists conducted deep ethnographic research into the perception of the brand amongst its existing and desired consumer base. When the research demonstrated that Ribena's core ranges were in need of modernization, a portfolio strategy was developed to deliver greater brand stretch across a broader range of occasions and consumers.

The collaboration has resulted in a 2D and structural redesign for the flagship Ribena Ready To Drink bottle (RTD), as well as 2D redesigns for Ribena's Core Squash, No Added Sugar (NAS), and Botanical Fruit Cordial.

Seymourpowell's redesign of the RTD product also enhanced the bottle's sustainability properties by reducing the size of the shrink sleeve, meaning the bottle can now be recycled with the cap and sleeve on making it easier to recycle confidently. Sustainable messages have also been laced throughout the pack; the green leaf mark calls out the bottle's sustainable properties, whilst the embossed 'recycle me' message on the bottle's neck serves as a call to action to consumers. The resulting redesign makes Ribena the largest brand in its category to use bottles that are both fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic.

"This project with Ribena has drawn on every facet of our expertise at Seymourpowell, from product and packaging design to foresight and brand strategy," commented Adrian Caroen, CEO of Seymourpowell. "It has been a two-year journey of exploration and discovery, resulting in a re-energised portfolio of products developed to drive the brand forward and position it ahead of competitors for years to come. We are thrilled with the outcome, and immensely proud to have been part of this journey with one of Britain's most iconic drinks brands."