Seymourpowell Transforms Passenger Experience for Flytoget

Seymourpowell Transforms Passenger Experience for Flytoget

Seymourpowell has unveiled its latest major transport project for Flytoget - Oslo Airport's famous high-speed rail link. The agency has transformed the Flytoget experience for the modern user, including the creation of a new brand identity, wayfinding system & app, and interior & exterior designs for its new fleet of trains.

"Our design work for the physical appearance of the trains represents Flytoget's determined and reliable journey model," commented Jeremy White, Director of Transport at Seymourpowell. "We applied the same design narrative to all of the touchpoints - from the simplicity of how the ticket looks and feels, to the train and airport experience. When designing the trains, we wanted them to look strong and powerful, with a character that could easily survive a cold Norwegian winter. The interior was driven by a client who understood the power of design and shared our ambition to create a train that was both purposeful and elegant."

Extensive passenger journey and competitor research have allowed Seymourpowell to create an experience that celebrates Flytoget's reliable service, premium and un-intrusive customer services while providing a calming atmosphere for passengers.

"Flytoget represents a project that required each area of expertise from the Seymourpowell team, from the physical design of the train exteriors and interiors, right through to the thorough brand redesign and experience overhaul executed in line with Flytoget's new brand DNA," explained Mariel Brown, Director of Foresight at Seymourpowell. "We wanted to coin the phrase 'Efficient Tranquility' to define the magic that sits at the heart of the Flytoget brand experience, which became the central creative idea that informed every manifestation of the Flytoget brand from the website and app to station wayfinding, ticketing, staff uniforms and the train."

Photos: Courtesy of Seymourpowell