Cove by Leon - A New Way to Work

Cove by Leon: A New Way to Work

Leon Speakers recently partnered with Logitech, Turf Design, Shure Audio, and American Lighting to create Cove, a revolutionary new desktop accessory that enhances the overall work experience. Cove establishes a whole new category of products that will take virtual work and screen time to the next level.

Experts estimate that by the end of 2022, 25% of all North American professional jobs will be remote-with that number continuing to increase into 2023. Though the work landscape is changing rapidly, current workplace technology desktop design has yet to catch up to many of the new demands associated with remote, hybrid, and even on-site work. Cove, an all-in-one desktop privacy, lighting, sound-damping, and organization product, represents a brand new design-oriented solution to today's increased conferencing and screen time demands.

Cove's adjustable diffused lighting, sound-dampening felt interior, and personalizable magnetic surface are meticulously designed to improve focus and privacy while reducing ambient noise and eye strain-all under the ultra-flattering glow of webcam-friendly lighting. It is built to house any tablet, laptop, or monitor up to 27 inches, including the new Apple Studio Display.

Natural LED bias backlighting by American Lighting comes with remote-adjustable color brightness, while Cove's antimicrobial recycled TURF felt interior reduces ambient noise and elevates privacy, even in a crowded room. Cove's precision-engineered steel is manufactured in the USA, and its sustainably sourced engineered Baltic Birch shelf is finished in Leon's own workshop.

"Blending design with technology is what we do here at Leon," commented Leon founder and president Noah Kaplan. "So when we started seeing post-pandemic work environment changes, we felt like we could use our industry expertise and experiences as creators ourselves to take a new approach to the term 'audiovisual.' Cove's design makes marked improvements in our daily workflow, communication, and the way we feel on-screen and at the end of the workday."

Photos: Courtesy of Leon Speakers


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