2022 Sounds Like 1984 in B-Reel's New Global Campaign for Storytel

2022 Sounds Like 1984 in B-Reel's New Global Campaign for Storytel

B-Reel Stockholm has devised a campaign for Storytel to promote the launch of the audiobook streaming service's original remake of George Orwell's 1984. Storytel's audio experience is an immersive re-telling of the classic novel, made for 2022.

The exclusive audio experience comes at a time where mass surveillance, alternative facts, cancel culture and media censorship is front-page news. The chilling realization of the similarities between the world in Orwell's dystopian fiction and our current reality is at the core of the creative concept, '2022 sounds like 1984.'

"The times we live in feel like they're calling out for the wisdom of Orwell," said Zack McDonald, ECD of B-Reel. "When you open your ears to what's happening in the world, everything begins to add up. 2022 really does sound like 1984, and we hope this campaign gets everyone to seriously listen and reflect."

What's more, beyond the disturbing connections between the book and our reality, the campaign also highlights yet another startling fact, 1+9+8+4=22 ; a thought-provoking equation that became a central part of the campaign. The centerpiece of the 360 campaign is a short film bringing a modern touch to Orwell's classic story - teasing a dystopian vision that comes to life in Storytel's version of 1984.

Photo: Courtesy of B-Reel