PAVE Rising Star - Call for Nominations

PAVE Rising Star: Call for Nominations

by Nikki Naar

The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE Global) is seeking nominations for its 15th Annual Rising Star Award. This award recognizes young leaders who have significantly impacted the retail arena throughout these ever-evolving times.

"Emerging strong from the global pandemic, retail today reflects the blended channels that comprise a brand," said the award's creator Nancy Jackson, Chief Creative Officer, ASI/Architectural Systems, Inc. "Although the role of a brick-and-mortar location has evolved, it remains worthy of acknowledging and applauding the Rising Star responsible for creating and implementing the store design. Please honor this award by nominating someone deserving!"

A Rising Star is a young professional who has exhibited outstanding leadership in the brand environment industry. These emerging leaders anticipate client needs, motivate a team, transform the simple into the extraordinary, and inspire the consumer.

This year's Rising Star should also have shown the ability to pivot, stay inspired, and engage others while navigating retail design's current state of flux.

Retailers, designers, and industry suppliers are invited to nominate individuals who have shown great leadership and talent in implementing inventive design strategies for their own companies and/or clients within the current, post-pandemic retail space.

The deadline for nominations is October 21, 2022.

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