Designworks Recreates Iconic 1951 Chair Found on Ebay by Emeco

Designworks Recreates Iconic 1951 Chair Found on Ebay by Emeco

A fortuitous discovery on eBay lead to '1951', Emeco's newest aluminum chair. Designed by Adrian van Hooydonk and BMW DesignworksUSA, the new chair will debut at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April in Milan, Italy. The new chair joins award-winning work by Philippe Starck and Frank Gehry.

"We found a long lost chair on eBay dated 1951," recalled Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco's Chairman, and CEO. "The chair was built by Emeco for US government hospitals. We appreciated the straightforwardness of the 50's original, but it needed rationalization - and attitude. That's Adrian and Designworks' expertise."

"Gregg wanted to do a re-edition of the chair but we quickly agreed that Emeco should create a version of '1951' that retained Emeco's DNA, yet looked forward," said Adrian van Hooydonk, Director of BMW Brand Design in Munich. "Gregg instinctively knows what is good for Emeco and we agreed that the modernization of the original chair would be 100 % Classic Emeco - simple, utilitarian and masculine. Lines and surfaces were discussed at length, as well as the "Stance" of the new '1951', which is a lot more dynamic than the original. The design phase that followed was one of the most collaborative and rewarding experiences of my life.

"I had dealt with similar issues designing modern cars for the Mini and BMW brands, and I have incorporated these ideas. '1951' is the first Emeco product that combines new materials for the seat and back - technically molded ABS plastic, with classic aluminum construction. This will allow customers to add color and simplifies manufacturing - reducing cost. As in good car-design, these added functional elements create a clean, simple and dynamic look that will appeal to costumers on an emotional level while projecting strength."

The new '1951' chair stacks six high and will retail for US$250, or $120 less than Emeco's classic 1006 Navy chair. The brushed/ anodized aluminum frame supports a generous ABS plastic seat and back available in five standard colors. Matching bar and counter stools are available. The chairs and stools carry Emeco's famous lifetime guarantee and are completely American made at Emeco's historic Hanover Pennsylvania facility. Emeco's use of post-consumer recycled aluminum makes its furniture LEED compliant.

Photos: BMW


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