Wastebasket Wins Good Design Award 2005 in Japan

Wastebasket Wins Good Design Award 2005 in Japan

With its newly developed wastebasket, 'Bin Bin', the Danish design company Essey has won the "Good design Award" 2005 in Japan. Bin Bin received the Good Design Award in the category, Product Design/Everyday goods and gardening products.

The product has a unique identity looking exactly like the contents it is designed to contain; crushed paper. Bin Bin is made of rigid high density polyethylene and comes in two colours - white and black. In many respects the product goes back-to-the basic idea of minimalist and communicative design. Comments such as "How else should a paper bin look like?" make a significant statement of product identity. Bin Bin is designed by John Brauer for Essey.

The design process itself consisted of creating small miniature models from paper that was first crushed and then unfolded again. After working with over 500 mini models the final model was eventually selected and a digital 3D image made. The image was then scaled and modified for manufacturing. Bin Bin is produced in Sweden.

Photo: Essey

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