Ultrabland Designs Graphics for a Playful Promo for the N

Ultrabland Designs Graphics for a Playful Promo for the N

Ultrabland, the Flatiron-based creative boutique specializing in high-end promos, re-teamed with The N, the nighttime network for teens, to introduce the network's first, online original series created exclusively for broadband entitled, "Degrassi Minis."

Ultrabland Degrassi Mini Webisodes

The series of mini web episodes for the popular "Degrassi" TV series launched on The N's web site, http://www.the-n.com, this February.

Last year the network called upon Ultrabland's editorial, design, animation, and sound design services for its highly successful, whimsical Summer 2005 Image campaign. This year, The N returned to the boutique to create a fresh, contemporary 30-second promo launching "Degrassi Minis" with the theme, "Good things come in small packages."

The N's producer and writer, Lisandro Perez-Rey collaborated closely with Ultrabland graphic designer Ryan Bramwell on the project. Bramwell created a blue, black and tan color palette to showcase clean, simple graphics -- a jewelry box that opens to reveal a sparkling ring, a chocolate in its frilly paper cup -- reinforcing the small-packages concept.

Bramwell noted, "The goal was to animate a fun yet simple promo that would build excitement for the premiere of the mini web episodes. The N producer Lisandro Perez-Rey envisioned a very iconic, playful, simple look. The result makes a spot that stands out from the busy promos you see on the air."

The promo began with the audio bed. Perez-Rey brought five music tracks to the premix session with Victor Rice. They initially selected a different track. Rice edited it, added the voiceover he had recorded and prepared a rough mix for Bramwell.

Then, "just for kicks," recalls Rice, "we tried a track we had passed over" featuring upbeat hyper percussion, bass and guitar. "We immediately realized the only thing missing was the voiceover. I added it and it completed the playful sound we were looking for. It was the combination of voice and music that changed our minds." Rice worked in Logic Pro on a Digidesign Pro Tools HD system with the voiceover recorded on an AKG C12 microphone with a Grace 101 preamp.

Award-winning talent provides seamlessly integrated editorial, design, and music services to some of the industry's most prestigious networks, including HBO, Showtime, NBC, CBS, Nickelodeon, Cinemax, Sundance Channel, MTV, USA, Lifetime, VH1, CourtTV, and Sci Fi Channel.

Ultrabland: https://www.dexigner.com/directory/detail/7358

Project: "Degrassi mini-Webisodes" Promo: 1x :30

Network: The N
Executive Director of Brand Creative: Doris Grieder
Executive Director of Design: Matthew Duntemann
Producer/Writer: Lisandro Perez-Rey

Design Company: Ultrabland/NY
Graphics: Ryan Bramwell

Sound Design & Audio Post Company: Ultrabland/NY
Sound Designer: Victor Rice

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