Adolescent's WHUDAFUXUP? Animations on Frequent Rotation in Times Square, NYC

Adolescent's WHUDAFUXUP? Animations on Frequent Rotation in Times Square, NYC

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New York-based design studio, adolescent creates three animated branding shorts for WHUDAFXUP? a new youth-focused, anti-smoking campaign.

adolescent was commission by Arnold Worldwide to created three animations for WHUDAFXUP? which are currently in frequent rotation on MTV's 44 1/2 foot HDTV screen in Times Square. All three feature a lo-fi, line-art caricature of Derrick Beckles, host of humorous and confrontational video shorts found on

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WHUDAFXUP? is the latest project from TRUTH, a national educational campaign for smoking prevention created by the American Legacy Foundation. Since 2000, TRUTH has been using creative ways to reveal facts about the tobacco industry, addiction, and the health effects of smoking. According to the American Journal of Public Health in 2005, 22% of the overall decline in youth smoking is directly attributable to TRUTH.

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In one animation, Derrick's eyes shift around behind his thick, old-school Reverend Run glasses; he is surrounded by kaleidoscoping street-art-style icons relating to the campaign: microphone, video camera, rat, and skull with a necktie representing Big Tobacco... In another, Derrick bounces into view sporting an orange sweatband across his forehead to ask "WHUDAFUXUP? with Jogging?" which cigarette executives like to say is just as addictive as smoking.

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The third begins with a close-up of Derrick's eyes as real footage of Times Square reflects in the lenses of his glasses. Line drawings of the familiar icons float through the actual lights and traffic.

adolescent's clean, lo-fi animations for WHUDAFUXUP? stand out refreshingly amidst the flashy sensory overload of Times Square. These catchy animated shorts raise more questions than they answer - and that's exactly the point, sending curious viewers straight to

About Adolescent
Based in New York with international presence, adolescent creative team has been responsible for producing innovative creative work for a variety of projects for entertainment, government and environmental organizations alike. adolescent has collaborated with VH1, MTV Europe and Ireland, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Adidas Originals and the British Government. The team is working on image and brand projects in the areas of broadcast and print media.



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