Adolescent Creates Graphic Package for MTV Dance's New Interactive Show

Adolescent Creates Graphic Package for MTV Dance's New Interactive Show

New York-based design studio, adolescent creates glittering graphic packaging for MTV Dance's new interactive program, If Your Name's Not Down.

adolescent's graphic packaging for If Your Name's Not Down, this summer's new interactive program on MTV Dance UK, begins with a view of the planet from space, a beat echoes as we hone in on a brightly lit network of nightclubs. Then, technicolor parachutes and other free-floating objects pop into view and descend upon the web of glittering nightclubs like a crowd gathering at the velvet ropes. Force fields appear which repel some of the objects, bouncing them into space, while those marked with the smiley-face logo are let in. That's how it goes, as the bouncers say: if your name's not down, you're not getting in. If clubbing is the center of your social world, you don't want to miss this new show!

If Your Name's Not Down features back-to-back videos of club hits while viewers' live text-to-screen messages scroll across the bottom of the screen. The viewer who texts in the best comment on a variety of club-scene subjects gets put on the guest list (plus nine mates!) for the club in focus that hour.

adolescent's vibrant title sequence for the show demonstrates that the program is more than something to watch, it's a place to be.

About adolescent
Based in New York with international presence, adolescent creative team has been responsible for producing innovative creative work for a variety of projects for entertainment, government and environmental organizations alike. adolescent has collaborated with VH1, MTV Europe and Ireland, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Adidas Originals and the British Government. The team is working on image and brand projects in the areas of broadcast and print media.



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