Adolescent Creates Summer IDs for SVT1

Adolescent Creates Summer IDs for SVT1

Adolescent Creates Summer IDs for SVT1 03

adolescent developed several IDs for SVT1's spring and summer seasons, continuing the variations on a versatile style which adolescent originally designed for SVT1's rebranding in 2003.

SVT1 is Sweden's first and largest broadcast channel, a trusted and loved national network for fifty years. adolescent's branding for the station focuses on reflecting the many facets of the network's dynamic programming and its diverse audience like a room of mirrors. To keep current and connected to its viewers this summer, SVT1 wanted their IDs to express the mood of universal summer moments.

With the golden and radiant colors that have become characteristic of SVT1's imaging, icons from summer in Sweden, such as a sun umbrella, a kite, butterflies, and beautifully spinning wind turbines, come into view before a magical-realist sky bright with sun and puffy clouds. Each icon is first seen in macro focus so that it is purely abstract, as the view pulls out the icon is revealed along with the SVT1 logo. In a nod to the late onset of summer in Sweden's northern climate, one ID begins with a close-up of ice that pans out revealing that the ice is not covering the ground -it's cooling a refreshing glass of water. For spring, Easter eggs decorate delicate branches preparing to sprout leaves, and in another ID, pollen pops forth from a flower.

adolescent's peaceful and sparkling IDs for SVT1 embody the vitality of a national network which speaks to everyone.

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Adolescent Creates Summer IDs for SVT1 02
Adolescent Creates Summer IDs for SVT1 03
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