Nike Pop-Up Store - Designed by Eight Inc.

Nike Pop-Up Store: Designed by Eight Inc.

Nike opened the doors to a 7,500 square foot popup retail store promoting the limited edition Zoom LeBron IV NYC, the latest introduction in this dynamic product line, at 460 Boome Street in the trendy SoHo shopping district in Manhattan. The launch strategy capitalized on the fact that James' team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, would play the NY Knicks the same week the shoe launched. Only 250 existing pairs were available for sale at the exclusive location.

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The environment, created by design firm Eight Inc., focused on creating an emotional tie to the Nike brand through a biopic journey through LeBron James' life. The narrative of the retail experience relied on a careful layering of themes relating to different periods of James' life. The exhibit was made based on an "off-the-floor" concept that reinforced the ephemeral nature of the store and promoted a retrospective meandering through the exhibit.

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The entrance was conceived to transition the visitor from the world outside to the athletic world of LeBron James. The entirely black space with one suspended acrylic tube displaying the featured product was enveloped in sounds from LeBron's world-shoes on a gym floor, the dribble of the basketball, the announcer's play-by-play. This acoustic experience heightened the drama and began the journey. Inside, clear acrylic tubes suspended from the ceiling held personal objects such as a model of the housing development where he grew up and his favorite cereal. This display, coupled with wall and other tubular graphics, created an energized urban retail experience.

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