Furniture Design Studios in the United Kingdom

  1. Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison consists of two design offices, a main office in London and a branch office in Paris. Services offered by JM are wide ranging, from tableware & kitchen products to furniture and lighting, sanitaryware, electronics and appliance design.

  2. 06D Atelier

    06D Atelier

    06D is a design duo in an independent atelier, that brings together different influences to create contemporary revolutionary projects. As small an atelier, we produce exclusive limited edition items, furniture, and lighting design projects.

  3. Simon Pengelly

    Simon Pengelly

    Simon Pengelly is a British furniture designer. He founded Pengelly Design in 1993 and today designs for a number of the world's leading furniture manufacturers including Chorus, Habitat, Heals, Johanson and Modus. His approach to furniture design brings together a blend of organic minimalism and a distinctive feel for natural materials.

  4. Pinch


    Pinch is an established British design studio, celebrated for its consistently high quality and genre-defining furniture. For over a decade Pinch has studiously created desirable, extraordinary furniture and lighting designs. The studio's coveted products are characterized by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, the result of tireless refinement and an intense dedication to craft and process.

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    Studiomama is based in London and owned by the designer Nina Tolstrup. Nina Tolstrup is designing products for companies while also taking a pro-active approach designing, manufacturing and selling her own ranges under the Studiomama name.

  6. Duffy London

    Duffy London

    Duffy London is a bespoke design company where we like to have fun with design, whether it is creating illusions with objects, or just simply designing original, life-enhancing products.

  7. Lazerian


    Established by Liam Hopkins, Lazerian is a Manchester based creative practice focused on the creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes.

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    Anthony Dickens

    In 1998 Anthony Dickens founded his London product and furniture design studio to create simple, functionally innovative and thought-provoking objects, subverting archetypal forms and re-imagining the everyday things that surround us.

  9. Rawstudio


    Rawstudio exists to create things differently, products which have a reason to exist and have been approached from a fresh angle.

  10. Faudet-Harrison


    Faudet-Harrison is a London-based design partnership between RCA Design Product graduates Jochem Faudet and Jon Harrison. Working on a cross section of product, furniture, interior and exhibition design they have already built up an extensive client list including, SCP, Thorsten Van Elten, Dunne and Raby, Habitat and The Design Museum.

  11. David Girelli

    David Girelli

    David Girelli is a design studio that draws upon both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. The brand produces contemporary and elegant pieces of furniture as well as offering a bespoke service for interior designers and architects.

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    Prop Studios

    Prop Studios is an experienced, multi-award winning company based in Hassocks, West Sussex who use their experience to design, manufacture and install bespoke shop interiors and various other display schemes.

  13. Cate and Nelson

    Cate & Nelson

    Founded in Sweden by internationally acclaimed industrial and furniture designers Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl in 2006, Cate & Nelson is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio working in a variety of sectors including furniture, lighting, product, interior and art direction. With offices in Sweden, Spain and UK, Cate & Nelson create products and interiors to offer something over and above expectations.

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    Wildercreative is a design studio creating furniture and products for a wide range of clients, from architects to industry, from one-off furniture or public art pieces to items for mass manufacture.

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    Bee9 creates furniture and products which have a benign effect on the way we use the spaces we live in.

  16. Patina


    Patina designs and makes a wide range of bespoke furniture and fittings for domestic and commercial properties. Our products are all handmade by ourselves in our workshop in Wetherby, and our designs and fit outs on commercial spaces are also carried out by ourselves.

  17. Artefatto


    Founded in 2015 and based in London, Artefatto is a design studio headed by three young designers brought together by their passion for design: Lorenzo Scisciani, Salvatore Morales and Sacha Andraos. Our work bridges the boundaries between art and design. We strive to create groundbreaking products and interiors with a refreshing simplicity and a distinctive purity.

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    Timothy Schreiber

    Highly driven by today's advancements in digital technology Timothy Schreiber implements cutting edge equipment and techniques from development to finished product. Schreiber's designs are the outcome of his ambition to delve into and challenge boundaries between architecture, digital design, manufacturing methods and social/environmental sustainability.

  19. Busk and Hertzog

    Busk + Hertzog

    Busk + Hertzog is a Danish design team known for their award-winning furniture designs, formed by designers Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog in 2000.

  20. Winter and Kurth

    Winter and Kurth

    Winter and Kurth are a design studio based in Manchester UK whose collaborative practice steers their work in exciting and unexpected directions. The duo interweave their individual design backgrounds creating experiential surfaces which fuse graphic application with simple 3D form.

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    Weckner Design

    Weckner Design is a furniture redesign company with the objective to redesign old, discarded furniture and create unique, sustainable and functional design.

  22. Young and Norgate

    Young & Norgate

    A small group of designers and craftsmen, we create contemporary furniture that is unique, elegant and timeless. Each piece of furniture is crafted by hand using time-honoured techniques from our workshop on the south coast of Devon.

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    Consider It Design

    A multi-discipline studio designing products, furniture and interiors. Consider It Design endeavour to use environmentally friendly products, materials, manufacturing techniques and packaging when possible.

  24. Jam Furniture

    Jam Furniture

    Jam was established by Ben Cramp in 2013 and is located on the rugged West Coast of Wales in the UK. A devoted designer who genuinely cares about the environment, Ben delivers furniture that is bound to enhance any space.