Industrial Designers

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    Phil So

    Phil So is a Toronto-based freelance designer of products, packaging, communication, graphics, and experiences.

  2. Kodai Iwamoto

    Kodai Iwamoto

    Born in Kagoshima, Japan and now based in Tokyo, Kodai Iwamoto is a product designer with an interest in exploring the junction between traditional craft processes and mass-produced materials.

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    Philip Zeitler

    Philip Zeitler is an industrial designer based in Munich, Germany with a focus on strategic product design, user interface design, branding, packaging and 3D modeling.

  4. Jonathan Olivares

    Jonathan Olivares

    Jonathan Olivares is an American industrial designer based in Los Angeles. His designs engage a legacy of form and technology, and ask to be used rather than observed.

  5. Mariana Arrioja

    Mariana Arrioja

    Mariana Arrioja is a design consultant based in New York City. She specializes in product design, branding, systems design, design strategy, creative management, and business.

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    Martin Jakobsen

    Product designer of the upcoming young generation. Lover of creative ideas, founder of the brand Jakobsen Design, designer at Mojoo Aps, VINICE and Semiramis.

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    Aydin Mert

    A product designer with more than 5 years of international experience and a masters degree of Advanced Product Design from Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. Aydin is a strong team player who is keen on the details and a problem solver with strong concept visualization and advanced 2D-3D computer skills.

  8. Scott E Forsythe

    Scott E Forsythe

    Scott E Forsythe focuses on creating products that amplify clients' brands and give their users enjoyable, meaningful experiences.

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    Duncan Shotton

    To think in a non-linear fashion. To create products that engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they are doing, wherever they are and whoever they're there with.

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    Gideon Dagan

    Best known for his innovative Perpetual Calendar and TimeSphere Clock designed for The Museum of Modern Art, Dagan's work is noted for its contemporary, pure minimalist and functional design. Dagan has designed numerous industrial and consumer products including handheld computers, electronic instruments and furniture. Dagan's innovative designs have been recognized in many patents and awards, both in the United States and abroad.

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    Munire Kirmaci

    Munire Kirmaci is an industrial, product and spatial designer based in Brooklyn, NY, who designs home accessories as well as interior spaces.

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    Diogo Frias

    Diogo Frias is a product designer born in Porto, Portugal. Diogo is passionate about developing new products that somehow have the ability to create well-being to the user, cause a smile, always taking advantage of the production process, and keeping in mind its general viability.

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    Nelson Ayala

    Nelson Ayala's portfolio that offers a variety of creative solutions - product design, visual merchandising, POP and architectural visualization.

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    Antonio Meze

    IDSA and red dot award winning industrial designer focused on design innovation, technology and their cultural and social implications with experience in a wide range of projects at international level.

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    Tom Allen

    Australian industrial designer Tom Allen is based in the design hub of Barcelona, Spain. Tom designs with a strong user centric approach and aims to create innovative, engaging and meaningful products and services.

  16. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Guillermo Gonzalez

    Guillermo Gonzalez is an industrial designer with 10+ years of experience in a broad range of products and different stages of design development, from ideation to prototype.

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    Heidi Jalkh

    Buenos Aires based Colombian designer. Her objective is to configure objects that highlight their evocative sense through morphology, blending high precision processes and crafting techniques.

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    Jose de la O Campos

    Jose de la O is an industrial designer currently studing a masters in conceptual design on context at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He has worked in Ariel Rojo Design Studio in Mexico City.

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    Joey Roth

    Joey Roth is a designer focussed on creating quietly iconic consumer products. He recognizes design as inherently linked to the cultural narrative, but also as something that can change this narrative. Designs include teapot, computers, lighting, espresso maker, and footwear.

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    Sabine Staggl

    Sabine Staggl is a young Italian product and visual communication designer who tries to experiment with new materials and new industrial approaches in order to translate them into concrete projects.

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    Bart Nijssen

    Bart Nijssen is a creative designer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He holds a degree in industrial design, studied in Eindhoven and Singapore and now he is at the Design Academy Eindhoven masters.

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    Pedro Gomes

    Envisioning storytelling experiences and designing innovative products, Pedro Gomes specializes in product design, concept development and strategic design.

  23. Giovanni Pellone

    Giovanni Pellone

    Giovanni Pellone is a designer and creative director with over fifteen years of experience in the development of consumer products, graphic communication and visual branding programs.

  24. Carlos Schreib

    Carlos Schreib

    Carlos Schreib is a strategic design consultant on projects in medical design, consumer electronics, intelligent tools, mobility solutions and smart mechanics. He strives to push the boundaries in design and technology and to simplify the product down to its bare essentials.