Industrial Designers

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    Pia Wallen

    Pia Wallen is a designer rooted in her Swedish culture, she looks to history for inspiration of the traditional use of Swedish materials, techniques, colours and the northern climate. She combines tradition with play and fantasy, searching for new solutions and pushing boundaries to develop products that reflect today's culture and appeal to the modern person.

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    Zeger van der Voet

    Zeger van der Voet is an Industrial Design Engineer (MSc.) based in Amsterdam, with a healthy interest in experience driven design.

  3. Markus Kurkowski

    Markus Kurkowski

    Markus Kurkowski is a young and passionate industrial designer who focuses on finding solutions primary in the field of universal design.

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    Emma Klinkenberg

    Portfolio website of product designer Emma Klinkenberg. I am passionate about designing mainly interior products and love to surround myself with old objects and materials. I translate this inspiration into functional and original products.

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    Scott Doty

    Scott Doty is an independent industrial design consultant focusing on housewares. Before going solo, Scott designed products for Target stores, Delta Faucets, and Dansk Corporation as a staff designer in the office of renowned designer Michael Graves.

  6. Lars Owens

    Lars Owens

    Lars Owens is a multidisciplinary designer since 1998 working on projects for world-class companies including Motorola, General Dynamics, Erchonia Corporation and numerous others. Offering product design & development, graphic design, and marketing services.

  7. Robert Kilders

    Robert Kilders

    Robert Kilders has been working as an industrial designer for internationally renowned customers in the living & office sectors for approx. 20 years.

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    Rudo Enserink

    Rudo Enserink is specialized in industrial design engineering, from basic idea to store presentation. Enserink has vast knowledge of innovation related processes and can zoom in and out between product detailing and marketing product strategy.

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    Charles O. Job

    Charles O. Job is a young designer based in Zurich, offering a broad range of design services + expertise.

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    Anna Buechin

    Anna Buechin helps manufacturers create compelling and innovative products that resonate with consumers.

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    Gulsah Soyluer

    Gulsah Soyluer is an independent designer specializing in furniture, jewellery, leather accessories and luxury products.

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    Bastiaan Kok

    Bastiaan Kok is a product designer specialized in concept design, visualizations and automotive styling.

  13. Jesse Rutten

    Jesse Rutten

    Specialized in product development, product design and visualization, Jesse can assist in any stage of the product development process.

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    Joaquin Herlein

    Joaquin Herlein is a professional designer with a proven record of creative and innovative design solutions for a wide range of products. With a deep understanding of the complete process in a product development. In 2012 he founded his own design studio and offers his own vision about design and his passion about improving the use experience of everyday objects.

  15. Roberto Pavone

    Roberto Pavone

    Roberto Pavone is an Italian industrial designer with a degree in product design and 20-years of experience.

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    Morten Sagstuen

    MOSA Designlab is a design studio with experience and in-depth competence in several product areas, from sporting goods to complex technical aids for the disabled.

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    Athanasios Babalis

    Industrial designer based in Thessaloniki Greece. Has received many design awards in his long career. He provides full design solutions for furniture, lighting, packaging and more.

  18. Johan Van Hulle

    Johan Van Hulle

    Johan Van Hulle is a freelance Industrial designer with 6 years of experience, mainly designing consumer electronics/goods and medical devices.

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    Pu Tai

    Pu Tai is a project manager with a solid design background and more than 10 years of experience in product development.

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    Gijs Budel

    A Hong Kong based Dutch designer that deals with all your design and production related projects.

  21. Scott Henderson

    Scott Henderson

    Scott Henderson is an American industrial designer who heads the New York-based design and product development studio Scott Henderson Inc. with over 50 patents for housewares, home accessories, consumer electronics, furniture an more.

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    Best Group

    Best Group provides consultancy services to strategize, design and implement large scale branded asset and way-finding projects across Australia.

  23. Andrea Ruggiero

    Andrea Ruggiero

    Andrea Ruggiero is an award-winning designer and educator based in New York City. Trained as an industrial designer, Andrea approaches design as a generalist, working across scales and bridging various disciplines.

  24. Nenad Negrievski

    Nenad Negrievski

    Nenad Negrievski is an innovative Macedonian designer who has worked internationally with a variety of exciting brands. Nenad has designed more than fifty products across a wide range of product categories, allowing him to turn his considerable design skills to virtually any product.