Industrial Designers

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    Brian Ling

    With 10 years of experience under his belt, Brian is a unique hands-on industrial design leader, specializing in high level strategic design language and product realization programs that drive successful brands and businesses.

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    Portfolio consisting of furniture and architecture projects, industrial design and innovative high tech products.

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    Joost Wever

    Joost Wever designs, developes, produces and distributes a fine line of products. His work can be described as a subtle interplay of function and elegant simplicity.

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    Joey Roth

    Joey Roth is a designer focussed on creating quietly iconic consumer products. He recognizes design as inherently linked to the cultural narrative, but also as something that can change this narrative. Designs include teapot, computers, lighting, espresso maker, and footwear.

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    Website of Enrico Picciani designer, Industrial and Graphic Design, Curriculum, Philosophy.

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    Valerie Casey

    Valerie Casey, Executive Creative Director at frog design. I lead frog's strategic-creative integration and design research practice globally. In addition, I direct multidisciplinary, cross-studio teams in developing the design vision across product, digital, and brand platforms.

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    Piet Houtenbos

    Products designed for your life. Keeping it simple, fun and easy to live with. Piet Houtenbos is also the designer of the infamous Hand Grenade Oil Lamps.

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    Nicolas Bovesse

    Nicolas Bovesse is a belgian designer. He has worked with R&E Bouroullec and radidesigners.Now, he works in his own studio in brussels.

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    Kobi Kor

    Freelance product design and development. Experienced in ergonomic and user interface logic design.

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    Find Rafael Simoes Miranda latest projects here; furniture, consumer eletronics, transportation, interior design and more. You can also see contests news and events all aver the world.

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    The Nate

    Industrial design consultant experienced in creating fresh, user-focused products.

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    Davin Larkin

    Davin Larkin is an industrial designer and furniture designer. This website is a showcase of his work over the past number of years.