Industrial Designers

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    Sabine Staggl

    Sabine Staggl is a young Italian product and visual communication designer who tries to experiment with new materials and new industrial approaches in order to translate them into concrete projects.

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    Bart Nijssen

    Bart Nijssen is a creative designer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He holds a degree in industrial design, studied in Eindhoven and Singapore and now he is at the Design Academy Eindhoven masters.

  3. Giovanni Pellone

    Giovanni Pellone

    Giovanni Pellone is a designer and creative director with over fifteen years of experience in the development of consumer products, graphic communication and visual branding programs.

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    Pedro Gomes

    Envisioning storytelling experiences and designing innovative products, Pedro Gomes specializes in product design, concept development and strategic design.

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    Itay Galim

    This is the portfolio website of Itay Galim, a young Industrial designer based in Israel.

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    Andreas Saxer Designwork

    Andreas Saxer Designwork is a studio for product design and exhibition design based in Zurich / Switzerland, founded in 2005 by Andreas Saxer. The field of activity ranges from appliances and furnishings to accessories, set-design and even trade fair stands.

  7. Michael Boylan

    Michael Boylan

    New York based industrial designer and design director known for his work with Central Park and the World Trade Center.

  8. Marcelle van Beusekom

    Marcelle van Beusekom

    Marcelle van Beusekom is a designer, creative thinker and do-er currently working and living in London. Beusekom's experience is based on Strategic and Hardware Design development within the context of several design consultancies and in-house corporations.

  9. Carlos Schreib

    Carlos Schreib

    Carlos Schreib is a strategic design consultant on projects in medical design, consumer electronics, intelligent tools, mobility solutions and smart mechanics. He strives to push the boundaries in design and technology and to simplify the product down to its bare essentials.

  10. Franco Marino Cagnina

    Franco Marino Cagnina

    Franco Marino Cagnina graduated in 2003 from the School of Industrial Design and Architecture at the University of Cordoba, Argentina. Since his graduation Franco has been involved with large and small scale projects, managing Idiomatik as a principal-in-charge and founder design firm in Cordoba, Argentina.

  11. Pierre Foulonneau

    Pierre Foulonneau

    Pierre Foulonneau is an industrial designer and design consultant living and working in France. Pierre works on a wide range of projects with an affinity for homeware and tableware.

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    Portfolio consisting of furniture and architecture projects, industrial design and innovative high tech products.

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    Brian Ling

    With 10 years of experience under his belt, Brian is a unique hands-on industrial design leader, specializing in high level strategic design language and product realization programs that drive successful brands and businesses.

  14. Denisse Ojeda

    Denisse Ojeda

    Denisse Ojeda is a Mexican industrial designer specialized in product innovation. Denisse is passionate about details, a clear communicator, and a strong thinker that approach concept ideation with a focus on optimizing function and value for the user.

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    Arnold Freidling

    Arnold Freidling is an industrial designer, photographer and 3D/CG artist. His work includes a wide variety of award winning consumer products like outdoor gear for Bushnell, high-end audio solutions for Mark Levinson and Infinity, and lifestyle accessories for Dragon and Teva.

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    Joost Wever

    Joost Wever designs, developes, produces and distributes a fine line of products. His work can be described as a subtle interplay of function and elegant simplicity.

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    Website of Enrico Picciani designer, Industrial and Graphic Design, Curriculum, Philosophy.