Interior Design Studios

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  1. Cameron Woo Design

    Cameron Woo Design

    CWD is an award-winning interior design firm with offices in Sydney and Singapore. Our clientele include many of the world's leading property developers such as Kerry Properties, Swire Properties, Allgreen Properties, Capitaland Residential, Ho Bee Group, VIG and Mulpha International.

  2. S|A|M Interiors

    S|A|M Interiors

    Staci A. Meyers' passion for design and genuine resolve to create beautiful spaces her clients love, has gained her recognition for her design in international design as well as close to home. Staci creates, renovate and decorate to best reflect the personalities and lifestyles of her diverse client base - from family-friendly, durable and functional decor to more sophisticated settings suitable for entertaining and an executive lifestyle.

  3. Reunion Goods and Services

    Reunion Goods & Services

    Reunion is a New York City based studio specializing in interior architecture and design. Through the artful orchestration of these disciplines, Reunion strives to develop spaces that feel layered and engaging down to the smallest detail.

  4. Richardson Design

    Richardson Design

    Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Richardson Design is an agile design and trend service studio that is 'creating the places where you want to be.' Our interior and graphic design studio is comprised of a team of artists and entrepreneurs that creates meaningful brand experiences. Richardson Design serves a global client base in the hospitality, retail, entertainment and leisure markets.

  5. Sormeh Rienne

    Sormeh Rienne

    Sormeh Rienne specializes in hospitality spaces. We are most known for our restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs and hotels, but that doesn't keep us from turning out one-off specialty food stands or branding concepts.

  6. Br.ook


    Br.ook is a design team specializing in interior architecture and product design. The designer duo, Ligita Brege and Baiba Ruke, both have significant backgrounds in the professional field locally and internationally. Their interest for design and art has developed throughout the educational process, independent projects and work experience in various design studios.

  7. Jenni Leasia Design

    Jenni Leasia Design

    At Jenni Leasia Design, we create fresh inviting spaces that mesh creativity and style with the practical needs of our clients. Our work ranges from large scale new custom builds and whole house renovations to bath remodels and home furnishings projects.

  8. Studio Other

    Studio Other

    Studio Other designs furniture systems unique to every client. We bring your vision to life and meet your distinct needs and aesthetic.

  9. Reath Design

    Reath Design

    Established by Frances Merrill in 2009, Reath Design creates immersive interiors that tell the story of their inhabitants, spaces that feel lived in and that will further evolve and improve with time. The studio's work focuses on private residences, hotels, restaurants, and spaces for relaxation and leisure.

  10. Joy Street Design

    Joy Street Design

    Joy Street Design is an Oakland-based residential interior design firm. The firm creates custom, colorful, and approachable interiors with an emphasis on providing unique and thoughtful solutions that reflect the client's personal style and budget.

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    Gwen Design

    Gwen Design is a French company based in China. We provide creative services to our partners with a team of multinational designers. We combine international perspective, French style management, unique expertise and localized process.

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    Based in London, UK and established by Go Sugimoto - GO offers a boutique design service in creating spaces, engaging with both commercial and residential clients from the UK and internationally. The studio follows a design philosophy and creative process that responds innovatively to the clients brand, vision and ambitions - creating unique and inspiring spatial experiences.

  13. Studio Practice

    Studio Practice

    Studio Practice is a collective who work with art and architecture as a part of everyday life. Our combined depth of knowledge and skills allow us to employ the appropriate materials and fabrication techniques each unique problem demands.

  14. Laura Hammett

    Laura Hammett

    Laura Hammett is a multi award winning London based interior design and interior architecture studio specialising in luxury residential projects for private clients and property developers throughout the UK and abroad.

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    Sandra Espinet

    Sandra Espinet is an interior designer who owns and operates a boutique high end residential firm in Los Cabos, Mexico.

  16. Studio Four IV

    Studio Four IV

    Studio Four IV is a boutique design agency working out of our London and Brighton studios specializing in interior design, architecture and branding. We are the creative agency behind some of the world's most exciting and commercially proven luxury retail and leisure brands.

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    Nohr Interior Design

    Nohr Interior Design develops all elements of interiors, utilizing the best resources available for creative functional spaces that are derivative of client's desires.

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    Hurd Design

    Hurd Design is an award-winning design studio specializing in commercial and residential interior design, including professional offices, religious and educational institutions, restaurants, and executive residences. For over 40 years, we have been helping to shape and express the style of discriminating individuals throughout the Bay Area and the Napa Valley.

  19. Maven Design Studio

    Maven Design Studio

    Maven Design Studio is an interior architecture and design consultancy specializing in hospitality. The studio works with a variety of clients from one-off operators and startups to large commercial brands who want to push hospitality in a new direction.

  20. Studio Boîte

    Studio Boîte

    Studio Boîte is an interior design studio founded by Edith Macken & Arnaud de Vicq, based in Leuven.

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    Nikka Design

    Nikka is a full-service professional interior decorating and interior design firm for residential and corporate interiors. We design custom, luxurious interiors tailored to your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements to live better, feel better.

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    One Three Design

    One Three is a boutique interior design firm focusing on residential and commercial design. We have a professional designer team that offers interior decorator and residential decorator services in Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga and Milton.

  23. Falchi Interiors

    Falchi Interiors

    Falchi is an interior design and interior architecture practice, offering a full turnkey and project management service for renovations, extensions and new builds. Falchi's aim is to go beyond the client's expectations and design a beautiful home that is individual, bespoke and reflects the people that live in it and keeps within their budgetary requirements.

  24. Kassa Design

    Kassa Design

    Kassa designs interiors for cafes, restaurants, bistro, pubs. Our services range from concept creation to building, interior painting, floral and decor solutions.

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    Sketchtank is a group of environmental designers with a comprehensive background in designing and producing branded spaces, residential and commercial, interiors and architecture, furniture and lighting.

  26. Spacio Terreno

    Spacio Terreno

    Spacio Terreno is a design studio focused on architecture, interior design, furniture design and construction.

  27. NoBox Studio

    NoBox Studio

    An interdisciplinary design firm, located in the Boston area, was founded in 2006 by Karin Sharav-Zalkind. With over 10 years of global design experience ranging from architecture, interior design, lighting design and graphic design.

  28. Co+in Collaborative Lab

    Co+in Collaborative Lab

    Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized interior architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, one that helps to create an experience that goes beyond form and material within the field of residential and commercial design. Our practice root in the conceptualization of design, one that caters the essence of individuals or brand. We inspired by how each element narrative is made. We unfold your story through spatial element that reflects each message and narrative.