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  1. Dynamic Identities - How to Create a Living Brand

    Dynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand

    Dynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand offers a systematic process of creating brand identities that are alive and gives the reader a wealth of examples of international identities that were built on the discussed systems.

  2. Identity Colour Codes - How Colours Unite Us All

    Identity Colour Codes: How Colours Unite Us All

    Identity Colour Codes is an explorative journey through all kinds of (sub)cultures and shows along the way how companies, governments and people use colour to identify themselves.

  3. Building Better Brands

    Building Better Brands

    Building Better Brands is the essential guide to creating and evolving brands. Leveraging three decades of brand consulting for legendary companies like Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, 3M, Owens-Illinois, National Australia Bank, and American Express, as well as middle-market and new-media startups, Scott Lerman shares the processes and frameworks needed to build great brands.

  4. Build Your Own Brand

    Build Your Own Brand

    Build Your Own Brand: Strategies, Prompts and Exercises for Marketing Yourself is a guided journal designed to help you sketch, write, design, and conceive the way you brand yourself. This book will help you explore, develop, distill, and determine a distinctive brand essence, differentiate yourself, and create your visual identity.

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    Logo Creed

    In Logo Creed, identity design authority Bill Gardner shares intricate details from his studio and from those of other top designers, including Miles Newlyn, Sherwin Schwartzrock, Jerry Kuyper, Felix Sockwell, Von Glitschka, Paul Howalt, Brian Miller, and David Airey.

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    60-Minute Brand Strategist

    60-Minute Brand Strategist offers a fast-paced, field-tested view of how branding decisions happen in the context of business strategy, not just in marketing communications.

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    Branding and Product Design: An Integrated Perspective

    Branding and Product Design discusses key questions about the link between product and brand and about design processes and innovation. It examines these questions on both macro and micro levels and provides the reader with tools to help understand the role of products in building a brand, and how to bring the brand and the product design process together.

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    Designing B2B Brands

    This comprehensive manual lays out the steps necessary for creating an iconic global identity. It uses the lessons and inside knowledge of Deloitte, the world's largest professional services organization, to help other business-to-business operations deliver a high-impact, value-added brand experience.

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    Beyond the LOGO

    Award-winning designer and agency founder, Emma Carter, gives her expert insight into how to create a brand that goes beyond a simple logo, to make your organization an unstoppable success.

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    The monumental archive Houplain amassed is the foundation of this ultimate logo reference guide, featuring approximately 7,000 specimens organized alphabetically, with information about the designers, year of creation, country, brand, and company.

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    Branding in a Competitive Marketplace

    Branding in a Competitive Marketplace discusses core issues in brand management-the concept of brand, its value, and its strategic management. It also covers brand extension, brand positioning, brand acquisition, and brand valuation and divestment as well as new models for successfully managing brands in a competitive business environment

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    Marks of Excellence

    A revised and expanded edition of the best-selling Marks of Excellence title, including 500 new images plus 80 pages of additional material.

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    The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Professional Practice

    The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Professional Practice explores how culture, collaboration, and communication create, develop, and sustain an enduring brand. Sharing insights and best practices and examples from some of the leading brands in the AEC industry, this book provides your firm with the understanding and tools to establish your brand in the professional service marketplace.

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    The Roundel: 100 Artists Remake a London Icon

    The Roundel presents the London Underground's famous sign, rethought and refashioned by 100 international artists. At once imaginative and playful, bold and irreverent, these new interpretations reinvent the logo in photography, paint, drawing, print, collage and sculpture.

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    Logos & Marks in Japan 2

    Logos & Marks in Japan 2 showcases hundreds of logos and marks created by Japanese designers and firms, providing ideas and inspiration for graphic designers.

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    ComMUSICation: From Pavlov's Dog to Sound Branding

    ComMUSICation is a mix of cutting-edge scientific findings and one man's analytical - and sometimes humourous - views, ending in a walk-through of his structured system for developing and managing brand sound identities.

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    Absolute Stationery Design

    For most companies, there are many opportunities to reinforce their brand from business cards and letterhead, to websites, applications and promotional material. While the design of these artifacts of branding usually merit focused volumes of their own, the projects presented in Absolute Stationery Design represent campaigns that are so strong and cohesive that none of the individual parts need be removed.

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    Designing Corporate Identity

    Designing Corporate Identity is a superbly illustrated resource on corporate identity design for those needing a little inspiration. This book brings together some of the most creative and innovative ideas in corporate identity design from around the world.

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    Dynamic Identities

    Dynamic Identities looks into design systems for brand identities that produces identities that are alive, meaning that they can change and generate new versions based on external data. The book offers a systematic process of creating brand identities that are alive and gives the reader a wealth of examples of international identities that were built on the discussed systems.

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    LogoBook offers a comprehensive compilation of logos, divided into 14 chapters by themes - including cultural, social, design and art, education, health and beauty, and sports. In each chapter, one logo is chosen as a case study. Then, several pages are dedicated to the creation of this logo, such as outlines, work methods used, photos of the process, rejected proposals and the development of the process.

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    Brand-Image Design in the Catering Industry

    Brand-Image Design in the Catering Industry features more than 130 remarkable brand image design programs of catering services all over the world. From the perspective of the industry s character, the book has combined it with the culture differences among various countries and areas as well as social groups, showing readers the most forward-looking and practical brand image designs of catering services.

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    Los Logos 6

    Los Logos 6 documents and indicates design styles and trends in contemporary logo design worldwide.

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    LogoLounge 7

    LogoLounge, the seventh in the series, once again pays tribute to the brilliant work top designers around the world have created for a diverse clientele. This inspiring collection provides a wealth of insight for graphic designers and their clients.

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    Bold Brand

    Bold Brand is a process that any professional services firm can follow to identify, develop, and leverage their brand essence to market themselves in a truly unique way. The book offers new rules for differentiating, branding, and marketing your professional services firm.

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    Logotype is the definitive modern collection of logotypes, monograms, and other text-based corporate marks. Featuring more than 1,300 international typographic identities, by around 250 design studios, this is an indispensable handbook for every design studio, providing a valuable resource to draw on in branding and corporate identity projects.

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    Logo R.I.P

    Logo R.I.P is a tribute and major survey of 50 defunct logos.

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    Logos Talk

    An instantly identifiable logo is crucial when competing for a customer's allegiance and undivided attention. In some cases the vibrancy of color provides the overwhelming theme, in others the subtle contrast of black and white. Logos Talk collects a staggering variety of fresh logo designs from around the world in an appealing format.

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    LogoLounge Master Library 4

    The fourth in the seven-volume LogoLounge Master Library series, this is a highly organized collection of 3,000 typographic logo designs including Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, and Campbell's. The result is the deepest, densest, and most highly-focused collection of logos organized by category ever created.

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    Brand Bible

    Brand Bible is a comprehensive resource on brand design fundamentals. It looks at the influences of modern design going back through time, delivering a short anatomical overview and examines brand treatments and movements in design.