Branding Design Consultancies in the United Kingdom

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  1. Lewis Moberly

    Lewis Moberly

    Based in Fitzrovia, central London, Lewis Moberly is an independent brand design consultancy specializing in iconic, fledgling, walk-in and take-home brands. We imagine them, define them, name them, polish them, position them, distill them and dramatize them. We live brands, they identify and culturally connect us.

  2. Elmwood


    Elmwood is the world's most effective brand design consultancy, having won more Design Effectiveness Awards than anyone else in the competition's 23-year history. These awards recognise the commercial success of design strategy.

  3. Biles Hendry

    Biles Hendry

    Biles Hendry is an independent brand and design consultancy, founded in 2004 by Anthony Biles. Anthony has created some of the world's most enduring brand identities, including Amazon. The agency offers a tight-knit, hands-on team, guaranteeing the highest level of creative experience and management on every project.

  4. LBd Studio

    LBd Studio

    LBd Studio is an independent, award-winning creative practice located in Edinburgh and London. We partner with ambitious businesses to breathe new life into their brands.

  5. Studio Blackburn

    Studio Blackburn

    Studio Blackburn is an international brand strategy and design studio. We inspire desire for brands and businesses that make peoples' lives better, more enjoyable and more beautiful.

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    HMKM is an award winning, internationally acclaimed design consultancy based in London's Soho.

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    For the last thirty years, Lambie-Nairn has been bringing brands to life that emotionally connect with audiences and deliver business success. Pioneers in the world of branding and identity, they've launched some of the biggest brands in the world, winning awards and redefining genres along the way.

  8. DixonBaxi


    Founded in 2001, DixonBaxi is a brand and design consultancy using creativity to design a better future. From our London studio, we collaborate with brands and in-house creative teams all over the world. We're proud to have a highly talented, cross-functional team of creative people with diverse perspectives. It makes for a rich, vibrant, open environment full of ideas, opinions, and experience.

  9. Free The Birds

    Free The Birds

    Free The Birds is a creative agency that elevates brands through beautiful thinking. Since 1997, the agency has created meaningful identities for brands giving them a soul and driving awareness, affection and sales. Free the Birds has a strong heritage in the beauty, homecare and health & wellness sectors, as well as food and drink, with clients including Bayer, Coty, Lindt and P&G.

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    IC Design

    IC Design is a creative communications agency fusing great design with exceptional technical skills. On every project, we identify and infuse that extra bit of magic, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  11. Garden


    Garden, formerly Rareform Branding, is a branding company and design communications specialist based in London and Dubai. A consultancy that offers brand strategy through to brand creation and implementation.

  12. Supafrank


    Supafrank is a design and brand consultancy led by Founder and Creative Director Katie Steel. They design and develop branding, products and print that are packed with personality.

  13. Brandpie


    Brandpie is an independent strategic brand consultancy, specializing in purpose-driven ideas that transform businesses, cultures and brands. Established in 2008, Brandpie works with organizations large and small, from multi-nationals to start-ups. Combining creativity and commercialism, Brandpie offers a unique perspective on client challenges and a reputation for building brands that drive performance.

  14. TUSOW


    TUSOW is a fully integrated creative agency based in London. We're all about ideas and strategies that spark change and growth in our clients' businesses - what's better is that we can actualize them from start to finish.

  15. Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü is a creative studio based in London. We build brands that connect. We believe bold ideas, powerful storytelling and original design creates an unparalleled connection between consumers and brands.

  16. Zag


    Zag is an independent growth consultancy specializing in business strategy, brand design and innovation. Zag is specialized in identifying and validating new businesses growth opportunities, accelerating the development and launch of new products and services, and getting to the heart of what makes a brand stand out from its competition.

  17. Polleni


    Polleni is a brand and design agency based in Bristol, Lisbon, and London. We are a creative agency with a unique combination of expertise and experience: from marketing and journalism to e-commerce and web design.

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    Ergo is an independently owned Brand Identity Consultancy. Experts in Brand Innovation and International Brand Strategy. Ergo was founded in London by Stuart Mackay. Their aim is to combine strategic and creative intelligence seamlessly, to create a powerful innovation consultancy business.

  19. Principal Ingredient

    Principal Ingredient

    Principal Ingredient is a brand and design consultancy based in London. Founded by Gillon Campbell and Igor Jocic, the company specializes in corporate repositioning, brand strategy, refreshes, identity development, destination branding and marketing communications.

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    Aloof creates genuinely innovative, conceptually driven design work. Specialising in brand building and structural packaging, we predominantly work for the fashion, retail, food & drink, manufacturing, culture and marketing industries.

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    StudioLR is one of the UK's most respected design consultancies. Our reputation comes from original ideas, practical thinking, reliable delivery and consistent quality. We build strong relationships with clients by working together to understand their goals and challenges. This gives us the confidence to present new ideas and creative solutions that add value.

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    Tayburn is a strategic and creative consultancy that builds powerful brands and shapes strong reputations.

  23. WPA Pinfold

    WPA Pinfold

    WPA Pinfold is a world class design consultancy with over 30 years' experience in delivering successful brand and marketing communications.

  24. Redhouse


    Redhouse is a London based brand agency. We help businesses get to the heart of what they stand for and translate that into a compelling visual and verbal language, connecting brands with their internal and external audiences.