Architectural Photographers in the United States

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  1. Eric Laignel

    Eric Laignel

    Eric Laignel is a French architectural photographer based in New York. His work is regularly published in many magazines around the world and his clients include Interior Design and Taschen.

  2. Benjamin Benschneider

    Benjamin Benschneider

    Benjamin Benschneider is an architectural and nature photograper based in Seattle, Washington. Through Ben's passion for design and his expertise in architectural photography, Ben conveys architecture's best to a wide audience of professional and public observers.

  3. Mariko Reed

    Mariko Reed

    Mariko Reed is an architectural photographer living in San Francisco, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. She photographs interiors and exteriors for editorial and commercial clients.

  4. Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott is a designer, photographer, and visual artist based in Seattle and New York City. Formally trained as an architect, his image work focuses on atmosphere and space where concept and story are defining elements.

  5. Tim Griffith

    Tim Griffith

    Tim Griffith is an award-winning architectural photographer working in San Francisco, Singapore, Australia and China for editorial, corporate and advertising clients.

  6. Matthew Millman

    Matthew Millman

    Matthew Millman has been photographing architecture and interior design in the western United States for the past 20 years. Drawing his earliest influences from the long history of landscape photographers native to the region, he continues to view photography through a fine arts lens.

  7. Tom Harris

    Tom Harris

    Tom Harris began his career as an Architectural Photographer in 2009 immediately after graduating with a BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. From small practices to international firms, Tom enjoys collaborating with a wide range of clients including, Studio Gang Architects, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Gensler, Perkins+Will, Stantec, Partners By Design, Valerio Dewalt Train, The Chicago Botanic Gardens, John Ronan Architects, and more.

  8. Hall and Merrick

    Hall + Merrick

    Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers is a Chicago based studio specializing in architectural photography.

  9. Clarence Butts

    Clarence Butts

    Clarence Butts is an interior photographer based in Maryland. Working for interior designers, contractors, architects, city planners to capture and record interior spaces.

  10. Francis Dzikowski

    Francis Dzikowski

    Architectural and Interiors photographer Francis Dzikowski is based in New York City; specializing in residential and commercial photography.

  11. Caleb Tkach

    Caleb Tkach

    Caleb Tkach is a Colorado-based architecture photographer specializing in healthcare, workspace and hospitality interior and exterior environments for architects, interior designers, and companies worldwide.

  12. Kris Tamburello

    Kris Tamburello

    Kris Tamburello is a photographer, videographer and multi-disciplined artist. His work includes architectural & interior photography, videos and digital abstract art. Kris' style favors the bold and graphic while still portraying a subtlety from his detailed viewpoint and technical proficiency.

  13. Andrew Pogue

    Andrew Pogue

    Architectural and interior photography based in Austin, Texas. Photographing commercial, institutions, residential, and landscapes.

  14. Peter Molick

    Peter Molick

    Peter is an artist and photographer based in Houston, Texas. After receiving an education in architecture and working in the field for a number of years, he returned to a lifelong passion for photography with a focussed vision and an ability to create works that translate three dimensional spaces into a two dimensional medium with a graphically straight forward result.

  15. Michael David Rose

    Michael David Rose

    Michael David Rose has practiced the art of photography since 1989. Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kenyon College with a major in photography. He also completed post-graduate photography programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Arizona, Tucson.

    Mission District, San Francisco, CA
  16. blank

    Barbara Karant

    Photographer Barbara Karant is nationally known in the design, art, and architecture communities for the artistic beauty and the level of photographic quality she demands in her work.