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  1. Designed to Sell - The Evolution of Modern Merchandising and Display

    Designed to Sell: The Evolution of Modern Merchandising and Display

    Designed to Sell presents an engaging account of mid-twentieth-century department store design and display in America from the 1930s to the 1960s. It traces the development of postwar philosophies of retail design that embodied aesthetics and function and new modes of merchandise display, resulting in the emergence of a new type of industrial designer.

  2. The Food Store

    The Food Store

    The Food Store is a richly photographed and detailed compendium, filled with a smorgasbord of inspiring features of interior design strategies and branding concepts for a wide variety of stores, including bakeries, patisseries, and cafés; restaurants and delicatessens; food companies and catering businesses; ice cream parlors and chocolateries; and much more.

  3. Retail Design - Basics Interior Design

    Retail Design: Basics Interior Design

    This second edition of Retail Design examines the latest developments in the contemporary retail design sector worldwide. It guides the reader step by step through the retail design process, providing strategies that can produce a successful retail space and a design that is appropriate for the brand, product, consumer and retailer. A new chapter exploring consumer behavior is combined with clear explanations of branding and identity, to provide the starting point for the design concept.

  4. Cafe Culture - For Lovers of Coffee and Good Design

    Cafe Culture: For Lovers of Coffee and Good Design

    Cafe Culture: For Lovers of Coffee and Good Design features a curated selection of 37 modern architecturally designed coffee shops (cafés) in 28 cities throughout the world. Richly illustrated throughout with full-color photos that capture the feel and personality of each coffee shop, and with detailed analysis of each design and its features, along with an insightful overview of the industry trends in design across the globe, this book successfully connects an appreciation for great coffee with spaces that invite human interaction and create memories through good design.

  5. Powershop 6 - Retail Design Now

    Powershop 6: Retail Design Now

    Featuring 100 projects completed in recent years, Powershop 6 captures the current trends in retail design. Project typology ranges from pop-ups and luxury fashion boutiques to supermarkets and gourmet shops. Between the covers of this book are cutting-edge shops crafted by world-famous designers as well as young design studios, all selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach or the project's unmistakable wow-factor. Each project is presented through an engaging explanatory text about the design and a curated selection of photography.

  6. Stores of the Year 47

    Stores of the Year 47

    The Retail Design Institute's Annual International Design Competition celebrates exceptional retail experiences across more than 20 categories ranging from full-line department and specialty stores to restaurants and pop-ups. This book features winners selected from among more than 125 projects from 24 countries in the Institute's 47th Annual International Design Competition.

  7. Architectures of Display - Department Stores and Modern Retail

    Architectures of Display: Department Stores and Modern Retail

    Through an international range of case studies from the 1870s to the present day, this volume analyses strategies of display in department stores and modern retail spaces. Established scholars and emerging researchers working within a range of disciplinary contexts and historiographical traditions shed light on what constitutes modern retail and the ways in which display, retail and interior designers, architects and artists have built and transformed their practice in response to the commercial context.

  8. Frank Bros - The Store That Modernized Modern

    Frank Bros: The Store That Modernized Modern

    Frank Bros was at the forefront of modern furniture sales in the United States during the middle of the twentieth century, serving as the primary retailer for some of the most recognisable names in mid-century design including Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames, Van Keppel Green and Bruno Matthsson, amongst many others. As the interior designers for over half of the Case Study Houses, Frank Bros helped define a branch of modernism unique to Southern California. This unique publication documents the history of a store that changed the way Americans responded to their domestic environment. Using pioneering methodologies and practices such as in-house exhibitions, eye-catching graphic design and a specialised sales force, Frank Bros not only promoted a re-envisioned post-war lifestyle, but also educated the public on the precepts of good design.

  9. Retail Design International 2 - Components, Spaces, Buildings, Pop-Ups

    Retail Design International 2: Components, Spaces, Buildings, Pop-Ups

    Retail Design International 2 shows how new forms of spatial expression can be created to appeal to all the senses. It provides an overview of innovations in multi-channel and omni-channel commerce, from pioneering in-store technology to new products. Around 50 current best-practice examples, from temporary pop-up stores to avant-garde brand worlds and hybrid retail centres, offer an inspiring cross section of retail designs from around the world. Included are designs for brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, O2, Porsche, Primark, Sun & Sand Sports, and Wurth.

  10. Powershop 5 - New Retail Design

    Powershop 5: New Retail Design

    Powershop 5 presents an array of beautiful imagery and technical information for over 100 shops, spread amongst eleven chapters. Included shops range from luxury fashion, books, jewellery to car showrooms, all of which highlight current trends and the evolution of retail interiors. The 424-page book explores designer's efforts to create a strong brand and client identity by examining the design process, materiality, functionality and the overall user experience. Giving readers an inside look to how the designers conceptualise ideas and bring them to life in order to create the ultimate brand experience.

  11. Pop Up - Temporary Retail Space Design

    Pop Up: Temporary Retail Space Design

    Pop Up showcases a remarkable assortment of temporary retail solutions from popping up in other shops or taking over empty storefronts, to indoor and out door stand alone venues that allow for a more holistic design. The projects run the gamut from intimate wooden cubes to futuristic pods of metal and glass, retail shops and cultural institutions to well established brands such as Airbnb and Issey Miyake.

  12. Retail Design International

    Retail Design International

    Current challenges in retail design, such as the increasing digitization and the merging of online and offline platforms, have led to altogether new forms of retail and of their spatial expression. Retail Design International features a current overview of innovations in multi-channel commerce, from pioneering in-store technology to new products, materials and lighting solutions at the point of sale. More than 50 current examples of best practice, from temporary popup stores and avant-garde brand worlds to hybrid retail centers, present an inspiring international cross section.

  13. Holistic Retail Design

    Holistic Retail Design

    Holistic Retail Design sets out a theory on the design of retail formats and shopping experiences. It introduces strategies in holistic constitution and the improvement of retail experiences across stationary, temporary, and digital customer touchpoints and intermediates between the consumer, the retail brand, and the products being offered. It features those strategies in a number of chapters and also includes international best practice cases.

  14. Retail Architecture S-XXL

    Retail Architecture S-XXL

    Trade is subject to rapid change at the Point of Sale: the massive growth rates of virtual trading platforms are changing buying patterns in an epochal manner. This is why in recent years significant sums were invested in sophisticated architecture for supermarkets and shopping centres. A trend going towards more urbanity and quality for cities and landscapes is becoming apparent. The book provides an expert overview of current developments in different dimensions of international retail architecture - from innovative supermarkets to new concepts in the trading sector from an urbanistic point of view.

  15. The Still Life - In Product Presentation and Editorial Design

    The Still Life: In Product Presentation and Editorial Design

    The Still Life compiles striking editorial photography, innovative shop window displays, and intelligent visual merchandising. The featured work is created by imaginative stylists and photographers who arrange products, objects, and materials in unusual ways. Distinctive worlds of images result that are reminiscent of Baroque and Renaissance still life paintings in which arrangements of flowers, fruit, musical instruments, and other objects were used as powerful allegories for various aspects of life and death.

  16. Retail (r)Evolution

    Retail (r)Evolution

    Retail (r)Evolution takes the reader through the ways the human brain has traditionally responded to retail environments, and how recent technological innovations are changing everything. From increasing reliance on handheld devices to the emergence, effects and future of social networking both inside and outside of stores, the contemporary human brain is being rewired to perceive the world in a very different manner than even half a generation ago. Author David Kepron cites numerous scientific studies that demonstrate the seismic shifts in customer attitudes, behavior and actions regarding, among other things, selection and choice, expectations and interactions (or not) with retail staff, and overall, long-term satisfaction with a brand or store based on in-store experiences.

  17. World Shopfront Design

    World Shopfront Design

    Nowadays, as economy develops rapidly, the shopfront design is becoming one of the most important ways to express commercial cultures. Unique style designs and abundant collocations of colours of these shopfronts not only reflect the enterprise culture, but add vitality to the city. The book concludes universal principles for shopfront design, which are exemplified with shopfront projects following each guideline.

  18. Powershop 4 - New Retail Design

    Powershop 4: New Retail Design

    Powershop 4 features the latest and greatest retail interiors from all over the world. Showcasing around 135 shop and showroom interiors, the book presents the current trends in this field. Included projects range from supermarkets to bakeries; from luxury fashion boutiques to sneaker shops and jewelers.

  19. New Shop Design

    New Shop Design

    New Shop Design features some of today's most creative and innovative shop designs. Full color photographs, plans, sketches and detailed explanatory texts provide excellent insight into each of the featured projects.

  20. Dress Up - New Fashion Boutique Design

    Dress Up: New Fashion Boutique Design

    Dress Up: New Fashion Boutique Design is a lavish book that introduces the latest trends in store design, where fashion, creativity, and consumption fuse to deliver a unique experience. Through beautiful photographs, the book features a stunning gallery of stores from all around the world.

  21. Fashion Eyes - Top Window Display in Europe

    Fashion Eyes: Top Window Display in Europe

    Focused principally on Paris, the world capital of window shopping, Fashion Eyes portrays the best displays by the top shops on the high streets and fashion-centric byways.

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    Fashion Worlds: Contemporary Retail Spaces

    After a short historical essay, this volume shows how goods are successfully displayed today. The spectrum ranges from strident designer shops to elegant boutiques, to prestigious flagship stores. Every design in this book is tailored to its task.

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    Detail in Contemporary Retail Design

    Good retail design must attract and keep customers, support a brand or stores image, showcase the product, and work as a functional shopping environment. This book features 44 of the best recent examples of retail design from around the world, and examines the details within the larger decorative schemes.

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    Stores of the Year No 18

    In this 18th volume of Stores of the Year, readers travel the world visiting more than 40 new or recently renovated stores that exemplity the very best in retail design. Each review includes high-quality, large photographs and in-depth editorial by the legendary Martin M. Pegler that walk the reader through the store explaining the designer's assignment, challenges, and the why's of what was done.

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    Powershop 3: New Retail Design

    Like its successful predecessors, Powershop 3 unveils the latest and greatest retail interiors from all over the world. Featuring 175 shop and showroom interiors, the book shows the current trends in this field. Included projects range from supermarkets to bakeries, from luxury fashion boutiques to sneaker shops and jewelers.

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    Curated: New Minimalism in Retail Design

    Curated focuses on the current minimalist, gallery/store trend in commercial design and decoration, and its increasing presence in new shopping spaces. Contemporary boutiques and concept stores now seek to create a unique environment where innovative minimal design, art, lighting, styling and music are as much of an integral part of the shopping experience as the merchandise itself. An outstanding exquisite visual reference book of some of the most cutting-edge in-store spaces across the globe, this book presents innovative retailing ideas and minimalist inspirations from the hottest international design studios.

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    Out of the Box

    From temporary pop-up shops to flagship stores and all manner of novel concepts in between, Out of the Box is a collection of cutting-edge brand presentations and retail spaces. The inspiring range of solutions is especially useful for companies and brands that are being forced by the strong influence of e-commerce and the digital realm to explore new approaches for boosting brand image and sales.