Textile Designers

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  1. Britt Laspina

    Britt Laspina

    Britt Laspina is an Australian artist, print and textile designer creating unique and colourful prints and digital designs. Britt's Prints have exhibited in New York City at Premiere Vision, proving Britt's level of expertise and professionalism.

  2. Lotta Jansdotter

    Lotta Jansdotter

    Scandinavian-born, New York-based Lotta Jansdotter is a self-taught designer and style icon. Her timeless designs reflect her deep appreciation for nature's limitless beauty juxtaposed with a love for modern urban style. Lotta's smart, organic patterns have earned her international acclaim.

  3. Katja Ollendorff

    Katja Ollendorff

    Katja is a surface pattern designer based in San Francisco, CA. She has a colorful modern folk aesthetic. Her patterns are created in a variety of mediums and used across a wide range of markets for home decor, apparel and more.

  4. Claudia Owen

    Claudia Owen

    Claudia Owen is a surface pattern designer specializing in home wares, textiles and stationery. My inspiration comes from many places but I'm particularly drawn to geometric and strong bold patterns.

  5. Alexandra Reboul

    Alexandra Reboul

    Alexandra Reboul creates one-of-a-kind prints & patterns exclusively for the client. Reboul is a custom storyteller artist that transforms your story into artwork. She makes that artwork into wallpaper, fabrics, and art exclusively for your home or brand.

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    Alison Tauber

    Alison Tauber is a textile/surface designer located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Drawing inspiration from the abundant nature right outside her door she uses various mediums through which to explore her artwork. Working from her home studio, Alison creates patterns for various uses including apparel, home furnishings and paper products.

  7. Suzanne Tick

    Suzanne Tick

    Suzanne Tick is the founder of Suzanne Tick Inc. specializing in materials, brand strategy and design development for commercial and residential interiors. She is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, as well as her conviction to provide innovative solutions.

  8. Aleksandra Gaca

    Aleksandra Gaca

    Aleksandra Gaca designs innovative woven textiles. She works with brands, architects, manufacturers and institutions to create textile solutions, products and installations that translate her clients' identities, needs and interests into woven form.

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    Alison Campion

    Alison Campion is a textile and product designer located in Westchester County, NY. Alison has over 10 years designing patterns and products for home decor, giftware and baby gear. Working primarily from home, her style is whimsical and elegant at the same time.

  10. Emily Burningham

    Emily Burningham

    The Emily Burningham studio designs and produces UK made home textiles and wallpaper collections. Emily's work is known for sophisticated pattern design that explores the relationship between distinctly different eras of art and design.

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    Khristian A. Howell

    Surface / textile designer and photographer Khristian A. Howell creates artwork and photos for use in a variety of sectors: apparel, home, stationary, gift-wrap, and wallpaper.

  12. Emma Neuberg

    Emma Neuberg

    Acclaimed London-based textiles artist. Emma's work exists in the intersection between commercial textiles and fine art, focusing on the role of geometric form, abstraction and pattern and the perceptual and spatial effects of these on fabric, paper and screen.

  13. Patricia Braune

    Patricia Braune

    Patricia Braune is a textile & surface designer based in Sydney. Specializing in unique interior textiles and wallpaper. Patricia's sophisticated and intricate hand-illustrated designs are featured in homes, hotels & workplaces around the world.

  14. Kelly Harris Smith

    Kelly Harris Smith

    Kelly Harris Smith is a designer, creative director, and entrepreneur specializing in natural and sustainable materials for commercial and residential interior design. Kelly's award-winning designs are distinctive for their pattern, color, and innovative functionality.

  15. Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen is a textile designer with a wealth of experience from working in fashion and interiors. She specializes in woven textiles, working as a freelance designer and on her own brand of bespoke commission work. Line's work is contemporary and sophisticated, and her portfolio shows a great range of designs and disciplines.

  16. Molly Williams

    Molly Williams

    Molly is a freelance textile artist and pattern designer specializing in Ottoman and cultural pattern designs for bespoke, artisan textiles and a wide range of products.

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    Erin Flett

    Erin believes that great design comes from the soul which has translated into her own line of funky bold and graphic surface designs, that are hand screened on vintage reproduction bark cloth.

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    Jessica Hogarth

    Jessica Hogarth works as a freelance designer working with companies internationally. She also has a range of products, for sale either directly online or on a wholesale basis.

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    Ritsuko Hirai

    San Francisco based textile designer specialized in weaving, knitting, printing and surface design.

  20. Jacky Puzey

    Jacky Puzey

    Jacky Puzey Embroidery specialises in digital embroidery commissions for fashion, tailoring and interiors. She has developed a highly skilled and artisan approach to her use of digital multi-thread embroidery machines, enabling her to incorporate a rich palette of colour, unique material combinations and found treasures into her work. This enables Jacky to provide a unique and bespoke collaborative design experience to all of her clients.

  21. Aniela Hoitink

    Aniela Hoitink

    Aniela Hoitink translates technology into surprising, tangible results in textile, with a distinct style and a unique appearance.

  22. Kasia Franc

    Kasia Franc

    Kasia Franc is an Australian textile/graphic designer with a passion for homewares, fashion and interiors, based in Melbourne, VIC. She specializes in original surface pattern development, repeats, colorways, artwork preparation for production, concept boards, and product brochures.

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    Jasonda Desmond

    Jasonda Desmond creates vibrant, free-flowing surface prints featuring bright, optimistic colours and bouncy, hand-drawn lines. Prints available for license, custom designs available for any project.

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    Sylvie Becq

    Strong of a unique experience mixing creativity, exception and rigor, Sylvie realizes exclusive collections of soft furnishings by looking for the perfect balance between creativity, savoir-faire and quality.

  25. Sarah Corynen

    Sarah Corynen

    Sarah Corynen is a Belgian designer specialized in surface pattern design, textile prints and illustration for paper products. Her handwriting is bold, simple, straightforward.

  26. Angie Parker

    Angie Parker

    Angie Parker is an award winning weaver of rugs and exquisite, vibrant textiles derived from traditional Scandinavian rug weaving techniques.

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    Veronika Persche

    Design and production of knitted fabrics and garments close cooperation with fashion designers or other creatives.